Dell in Social media


Dellin Social media


Organizationshave a variety of needs ranging from marketing, operations andmarketing among others. Business needs are defined as the things orresources that a business requires in order to be operational,achieve its objective and goals and most importantly produce a goodperformance (Eldon 2013). Business needs are largely categorized intofour namely: financial health, growth and development, relationshipsand meaning and integrity. In most cases, how a business attainsthese needs largely depends on the type of business, industry itoperates in, types of products, its organization design, marketsegments and marketing audience. Social media has emerged as animportant tool through which businesses meets some of these needs.

Asa multinational technology company, Dell uses social media to fulfillsome of these business needs. In meeting the firm’s financialhealth needs, the firm has to make sales and grow its revenue.Consequently, the firm has to develop new products, competeeffectively in the market on technology, price, and branding etc andmarket the products to consumers. The firm has employed social mediaplatforms such as Facebook, Weibo and Youtube to market its productsto generate sales. For instance on 27thFebruary, the firm made four posts Weibo about the spring festivaland about a new core i7 CPU. On the same day, the firm through itsFacebook page posted about a new product which is the thinnest tabletin the world (Fig 1). On 6thMarch, the firm posted on Facebook about the smallest 13-inch laptop,XPS13. Thus it is clear that Dell largely uses social media to updateconsumers on new products and promotions.

Thefirm uses social media profiles to target different market segments.This is evident in the sense that the firm is active on differentsocial media platforms. It recognizes that consumers have differentpreferences on social media platforms. By being active on all sites,it addresses a larger audience. Again, the different social mediaplatforms aid the company in market segmentation. This is because thesite Weibo is popular in China while Facebook and Twitter are popularin the west and the rest of the world. Dell also uses social mediato achieve its relationship needs by interacting with consumers aboutthe various products, events and services.

Figure1 Dell`s Facebook posting on world’s slimmest tablet

Thefirm largely targets end-users of its products. It recognizes thereusers of its desktops, laptops and tablets. For this reason, for mostposts on YouTube, there is an image and one or two sentencesexplaining the image. In the case of Youtube, the posts in form ofvideo are self explanatory. For instance, on 3td March, the firm madea video post on Youtube on Advantages of using Dell Document Hub.This allows the firm to target business people who regularly usedocuments as opposed to gamers who would have little use for the DellDocument Hub. It is however, unclear on which demographic groups thefirm targets through social media communication.

Thecommunication approach utilized in the various social platforms isvery simple. The messages are clear and where possible accompanied byimages and videos. In all the sites and for most of the posts, thefirm provides links to the firm’s websites where they can learnmore about specific products and events. As for effectiveness,Facebook is at the top. In Facebook, there are indications on thenumber of times the firm’s profile was visited on a given day.Where no specific visits to the page are made, the content of the ageand the posts can be visible to the more than eight million peoplewho have liked the page depending on their privacy and securitysettings on Facebook. Nonetheless, judging by the response, commentsand likes on Facebook to the various posts on products and events, itis clear that the firm has successes in achieving its business needsand interacting with clients. Again, Facebook is the most successfulplatform or the firm


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