Digital Media as Used to Communicate Information

DigitalMedia as Used to Communicate Information


Digitalmedia as used to communicate information

Introduction Theuseof digital mediahas transformedthedailytodayroutinesof theorganizationsandindividuals.Digital mediasuchas e-books and socialmediasuchas Facebook, Twitter, andGoogle among others haveshapedthecommunicationstrategieswithin mostorganizations.Digital mediahavecreateda platformthat is favorabletotheorganizationin developing products and marketing the products to consumers in anefficient and productive manner. As such, organizations have attainedvarious goals due to improvedcommunicationbetween themanagementandthecustomers.Thediscourse constructs a case study to demonstrate how Toyota useddigitalmediato communicateinformationand achievespecific goals aligned to its business success factors.

Digitalmedia case study on Toyota Company on advertising: Cavender Toyota Cavendertoyota is a digital website to advertize Toyotamodels, promote awareness of Toyota cars, and communicate efficientlywith clients. By using the platform, the company has managed toidentify opportunities and create a channel through which the companycan compete effectively with other dealers. Advertisingis a marketingstrategythat organizationshaveusedto createawarenessamongtheconsumersthus, the use of the platform has allowed the company to market itsproducts. Theusesof Facebook, YouTube,Twitter andGoogle+among others haveplayeda keyrolein marketingof differentbrandsin differentlocations.Although digital media may prove expensive at first, as the case ofCavender shows, itplaysa significant role increatingawarenessof differentbrandsthat are offeredby theorganization.In fact, companies that use digital and social media have identifiednumerous opportunities and managed to reach a large number of clients(Partridge,2011). Since individualscommunicateusingthesocialmedialike Facebook theycanshareinformationconcerninga particularlocation,andwhatorganizations can introduce in the market.

CavenderToyotahas used digital media to createinfluenceon their productsamong theconsumers.Forexample,Cavender Toyotahasusedsocialmediato createchangein theorganizationsince social media helps to communicate information effectively thananalog means. Changein theorganizationisperceivedas a threatto theemployeesthus, communication becomes a key aspect in convincing employees forthe need to change. Cavender Toyota hasuseddigital media to sensitizeconsumers using socialmediaplatformslike Facebook, YouTube and Twitteron howchangeagentcan improvethedailyproductionof different models in the company.One after applying the social campaign, the company saw its Facebookfan base rise from around 300 followers to more than 2,000. Today,the company has more than 9,000 Facebook followers and uses otherplatforms such as Twitter to share products and information with itsclients. Blossom (2009) asserts that the use of digital and socialmedia allows companies to reach a large number of clients thus,increased communication and customer experience. In the past, thecompany used print and radio marketing to reach clients, but thecompany now uses social and digital media to reach the clients. Inthis regards, the use of social media has allowed Cavender tocommunicate effectively and lift its brand.

CavenderToyota realized that the use of digital mediawould allow it to achieve its set goals as well as increaseefficiency in attaining unmet objectives. For example, after usingsocial media and the exchange platform, the company realized a 30percent increase in sales. In addition, the company used the platformto explain the means to develop channels that would meet the setobjectives, for example, high brands that meet the consumer needs,uses digital media. Theorganizationmanagementhas to improvethetechnology sothatcreativity andinnovationcan be partof theorganizationandthusmeetthegoals.Digital medialeadsto innovationandcreativity in theorganizationmakingitpossibleto attaintheobjectivesthatorganizationshavebeenthinkingabout.Forexample,ifthesalevolumeof theorganizationhas beenlowengaging consumers can use digital media to improve the sales throughonline methods.Companies can also come up with pricing strategiesto improve sales and maintain clients.



Toyota Prius

Toyota NZE

Growth in % due to digital media




Goalsof the organization

Thegoal of Cavender Toyota Company was to create a platformthat would create stiffcompetitionin theimportationof vehicles.Variousorganizationshaveembarkedon advertisingtheir productsandservicesusingsocialmedia.Thisleadsto competitionbetweentheorganizationsince high-qualityproductsandservicesthat meettheconsumerrequirementneedcreativity andinnovation(Mansfield,2012). Innovationandcreativity areattainedusing digital media.In this regards, the company realized that it would only competefavorably by reaching a high number of people as well ascommunicating information efficiently and rapidly. In addition, thecompany was interested in technology automatic machines that consumeless fuel and are non-hazardous to the environment are currentlybeing manufactured thus, the company saw an opportunity to advertisesuch cars to consumers.On the other hand, the company wanted to opennew channelsto client and advertise highly demanded Toyota cars to consumerswithin Antonio area. Forexample,the company wanted to use digital media to compare different carsthus, consumers would use that information to make wise decisions.Social mediaoffersa substantialparttoindividualsandorganizationsto obtaina newsupportfrom thedigital mediaas well as facilitatescommunicationbetween thecustomersandorganizations.Byusing the platform, the company managed to shift its strategy, reacha large number of consumers, and increase its sales.

Strategyemployed to accomplish the goal

Againstthe backdrop of increased competition and decreased sales coupledwith poor communication to clients regarding products, the seniormanagement in Cavender Toyota at San Antonio developed a contemporarymarketing plan. The management designed the strategy to elevateCavender’s stores from competitor to market leader by building thenew plan around the “ Unified Advertising Exchange,” aswell as three predominant implementation stages (Cavender, n.d.). Ledby Julie Chisum, the head of Digital Marketing, the team tasked withthe new plan recognized that digital marketing and campaigns requireda highly effective and performing website to convert trafficsuccessfully. As such, Chisum devoted many resources to ensure thatthe website run smoothly, remained up and fastidiously maintained.

Sheamassed a “Mobile Lot Capture” team to add pre-owned vehicles tothe website once they hit the lot and then added graphic stylists todevelop content for custom landing pages developed through thewebsite’s composer. Chisum asserted that everything started with aplatform thus, the company wanted to reach clients through trustedpages (Cavender, n.d.). Next, the company cancelled all analogadvertising channels such as radio and print and focused itsmarketing budget to connected search, display, specific campaigns,and retargeting through the exchange. Soon, the company realized thatnone of its rival was using Facebook to market, the company took theopportunity thus, invested in the Facebook exchange to help grow itsfan base and reach to potential clients through ads.

Measurablesuccess factorsBlanchard (2011) contends that digital media is a strategythat organizationscan useto target certainmarketsegmentsandusethatstrategyto meettheconsumerneeds. For example, the use of the Cavender website increased the salesvolume with 30 percent. Website creation playeda significantroleinmakingsurethatthecompany achieved its targetthus,customizing theopportunityto thelevel best.Digital mediacan playa partinensuring thattheorganizationcan realizeitsvisionby identifyingopportunities.Presently,theworldis movingaway from “analogtoa digitalplatform”in terms of marketing.However, it is importantforanorganizationto integrateits traditionalmarketingand digital marketingto reach clients, influence consumers,andcreatetrustin theorganization(Wollan&amp Smith, 2010). In this regards, the company identified increasedsales, number of Facebook likes, and new ROI as its success factors. Increasedsales and content in its website shows that the company attained itsbusiness success factors.

Conclusion Socialmedia playsa significantrolein marketingproductsandservicessince themechanismof sharinggoesto manyconsumers.Thepossibilityof increased salesbecomes high since thesocialmediaactsas an agentof advertising.After using social media and creating its own website, Cavenderexperienced sales of cars and increased number of customers, whichmeans digital media, is an important tool in communicating toclients.


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