Digital Nation Chapter 1



Thischapter talks about multitasking. The digital people are distractedby many things to a point where they find themselves multitasking.Typically, multitasking is a great thing however, it has becomeexaggerated making it harmful. This is true because it gives peoplelittle time to think substantially as their minds are preoccupied.Although the students feel that they are able to multitask, it givesthem little room to do important things. For instance, it isdifficult to do an assignment well while at the same time one isresponding to an instant email. This means that multitasking hasexceeded and is leading to undesirable effects.


Multitaskingis not good for the brain, especially when a person has to do 6 ormore items simultaneously. In addition, there is a great connectionbetween media and brain development. This means that children whospend more time on media are likely to experience the problems ofgrowth development because their brains are yet to develop. Althoughin some instances, it helps children to think, it does more harm.Technology is being used in calculations and summing up of datatherefore, give people little opportunity to think.


SouthKoreans have become very fond of media games such that it has turnedsome into addicts. The cases of these victims have become worse to anextent that they require professional help to quit. This is adangerous lifestyle because it does not only affect the academiclife, but also the social life. Media game addicts have less time fortheir families and friends as well. Their interactions are limitedbecause they have found a new way o life in the digital media. Thiskind of lifestyle is not productive and has undesirable consequences.


Technologyhas also changed the methods of teaching. Teachers are progressivelyadopting technology as a means of teaching in classrooms. Someincorporate virtue games to teach various subjects with an attempt ofmaking learning more interesting. Teaching and learning has becomedigital thanks to the advancements in technology. Incorporatingtechnology is a disservice to students. Teachers should teachstudents to do one thing at a time and pay attention to the processand outcomes rather than multitask. The world requires people who canwork on something effectively by paying special attention.


Thanksto the digital technology, students are slowly becoming academicallyincapable. This is more so when compared with the past generation.Technology has come to disrupt people’s mind making them lesseffective in school and work place. It affects the writing styles ofstudents in a myriad of ways. As the children grow older, theirwriting skills become poorer because technology has provided a loopwhere poor writing skills are acceptable. Many students join collegewhen they are not ready to write. The intellectual capability is alsoaffected as a result of excessive use of technology. The today’schild learns to rely on technology at a very tender age and continueswith the same trend till old age. They never experience the real lifeoutside technology.


Technologyaffects relationships in many ways. While it serves to breakrelationships, it also serves to build them. The latter occurs whencouples meet while gaming. Social media has become the latest trendthat almost every digital person knows better. People chat and meetthrough social media. Many have more imaginary friends via theinternet than they have in real life. Face to face relationships aredwindling as online interactions peak. This is why many people arelonely today.



Thedigital technology has offered people a virtue life as opposed toreal life. People are currently living in an imaginary life. Forinstance, meetings are held on space where people do not meet eachother face to face. Likewise, people have formed virtue friends viathe internet. People might think they know each other because theytalk online, but in the real sense they lack the real contact. Thisvirtue world people are living in is harmful in the long run.


Thevirtue world is slowly changing how people operate. Doctors can nowoffer their services online. In other places, people are adoptingflying drones at the comfort of their rooms. It is probable thatpeople were not ready for more advanced technology. They have takenit far too seriously that their lives have changed overnight.


Itis not clear where the world is headed to. Learning and teaching isutilizing video games and other forms of media. It seems that in thefuture, everything will revolve around media. Unfortunately, nothingis done to curb the rate at which people are adopting digital media.Everyone who is using it seems to be in favor of it because it offersshort term solutions. However, in the long run, digital media will dothe world more harm. Also notable is that people are aggressivelydeveloping digital media to meet the needs to consumers.


Digitalmedia is both harmful and beneficial to users depending on usability.This means that if people use digital media wisely, it is beneficial.However, if used excessively, it is adverse. There is a great need toregulate how digital media is used for maximum benefits. However, therate at which people are using it currently raises an alarm on thewell being of the present and future generation.


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