Discussion Responses on Tort Law

DiscussionResponses on Tort Law


Discussionresponses on tort law

Agreat debate has ensued lately especially on the reforms advanced ontort laws. Some people argue that tort laws will help a lot inreducing medical malpractice hence making health care professionalsmore effective at their work. My opinion is that tort laws will helpthe victims of medical malpractices but I do not support the argumentthat tort law implementation will not result into less medicalerrors. I believe that medical malpractice victims have the right tostand and fight for their violated rights even before a court of lawin order to get justice whether or not any form of laws exist.According to Underwood (2009) and Teitlbaum &amp Wilensky (2013),healthy policies and laws provide a firm background for safehealthcare practices and ensure that health care professionalsobserve professionalism, efficiency and perfection.

Healthcare policies and laws such as tort laws are some of the tools whichwhen effectively implemented can greatly improve the quality ofhealth care. According to Teitlbaum and Wilensky (2013), when thereare health care policies and laws, they help in setting a certainstandard of care. This standard level, keeps health care professionalon their toes not to commit irresponsible and careless medicalmalpractices. My opinion is that tort laws just like any other laware implemented to regulate our actions and if well maintained andimplemented, can produce positive outcomes. For the people whobelieve that tort laws will increase health care cost, I wouldmaintain that all noble things come at a price and that cheap thingsbecome very expensive in the long run. In addition to tort law,another strategy that would ensure minimal medical malpractices isholding medical practitioners, liable for any substandard care theyoffer.


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