Dodge College Essay Prompt


DodgeCollege Essay Prompt

Thepurpose of writing this letter is to request for admission as a filmproduction major. I am currently a major student in film studies, butwould like to request a change from film studies major to a major infilm production with an emphasis on directing since this would becritical to the realization of both career and college goals.

Thereare various reasons for choosing to change from film studies major tofilm production major. One of the reasons for opting to change fromfilm studies major to film production major is because I would liketo develop the passion of film and storytelling through the use ofimages, which I already have. It is important to engage in a coursethat aligns with one’s passion as this helps to further develop theskills that an individual may be willing to advance. By choosing afilm production major, it will be possible to advance these skillssince Dodge College offers a growth opportunity in this area while astudent has a major in film production. A major in film studies inthe college would not help in advancing the skills that I havepassion in since film studies only deals with exploring film history,film criticism, and theory.

Anotherreason for opting to change from film studies major to filmproduction major is because a major in film production would offer abetter opportunity of learning different aspects of the film industrycompared to a major in film studies. By choosing a major in filmproduction, I would be in a position to gain practical experiencesprovided by the college in the area of directing as well as otherareas such as shooting and editing.

Besides,another reason for opting to change from film studies major to filmproduction major would be the need to enhance creativity in thepractice of film production. Since film studies only cover anintroduction to film production, it would not provide sufficientskills that can enhance creativity in the practice of filmproduction. However, a major in film production would offer thenecessary skills in film production since it deals with differentaspects of film production. This would be critical in enhancingcreativity in the practice of film production.

Amajor in film production would be critical in attaining personalgoals both in college and career-wise. It is the goal of everystudent to perform well in his/her studies, while in college. I havea goal of furthering my education in this college after doing thebachelor’s degree. This implies that I must perform well in filmproduction course so as to get an opportunity of being admitted tothis college for further studies. Since I have a passion in pursuingdifferent aspects of film production, I stand a better opportunity ofrealizing the goal of furthering my studies in this college because Ican perform well in film production aspects due to the passion I havein the area. On the other hand, taking a major in film productionwould be of immense use to the career I would purse. I would like topursue a career as a film director. The immense knowledge andexperience I would gain through taking a major in film productionwould help in working as a director.


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