EGS Dependencies Impacts and Reports Abstract

EGSDependencies Impacts and Reports


Oursocial, health, and economical needs have a high dependence on theecological goods and services (EGS). Our ability to maintain andrestore ecological functions on the other hand determines theirability to sustain economies and the community. There have beenvarious articles lately about our dependence on EGS discussing theimpacts and reports about the issue. This paper presents a discussionabout the same basing on a particular article.

Notlong ago, there was an article about the dependence on EGS and itsimpact. Ecological goods are as a result of processes andinteractions of the natural environment. The ecological services onthe other hand result from the natural world. These EGS are not onlyvaluable but play a very critical role in our lives that is they arevery essential for our survival. For our physical, cultural,economic, and social live to progress, it should get efficientecological goods. The various ecological goods include water, cleanand safe air, food, timber, medicine all of which are provided by theecosystem (Christian et al, 2013). The natural world on the otherhand supplies us with the essential ecological services we need forour survival. They result from various interactions between naturalorganisms and the environment they live in resulting in production ofbasic nutrients that human beings use and depend on for theirsurvival. The various ecological services include air and waterpurification, waste detoxification and decomposition, naturalvegetables and crop pollination, protection from strong wind andtemperature moderation, climate stabilization, and provision ofaesthetic beauty (Christian et al, 2013)

Thearticle was interesting in that it opened up my mind on the impactsof dependence on ecological goods and services by human beings.Questions like why people have to depend on the natural environmentfor their survival and what are the impacts that these dependenciespose to the environment. I was also left wondering what impact theecological goods and services pose to our economic, social, andphysical lives. It dawned to me that this is a natural phenomenon anddespite the advancements that people will make in all aspects oflife, the dependence on ecological goods and services will alwaysremain. This forms my subject for discussion and I intend to discusson the ecological goods and services dependence impacts and reports.

Thesurvival of human beings in all aspects of live revolve around thenatural environment. Natural environment on the other hand isresponsible for the provision of the ecological goods and services.However the dependence on the EGS is becoming overwhelming for theenvironment to be able to manufacture them and the rate at which theyare demanded. This will in turn impact on them negatively and thusreduce the capability of the natural environment to manufacture them.

Humanbeings thus need to understand on how to make the optimum use of theEGS and use them efficiently if they are to continue enjoying thebenefits that come with them. We should come up with actions thathelp in the conservation of environment to ensure continued supply ofthe EGS. For instance in the need for timber and their products,people may end up cutting down many trees thus impacting negativelyon its role of moderating temperature and prevention of effects ofstrong wind waves. This can be taken care of by ensuring continuoustree planting operations. People can also ensure they do not impactnegatively on the natural resources by reduction on personalconsumption and production of waste materials. These actions will beaimed dependence on the EGS but at the same time ensuring theircontinued availability for continuity and survival of human beings.


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