Elemica Company




Elemica is a business company working electronically globally, withthe key objective of changing the supply chain of key players likethe tire and rubber, chemical, energy and those other companies thathave been pointed out by linking the interest of suppliers, customersand partners who trade together. On the other hand, ChemConnect isan independent business chemical company which buys raw material fromother companies, process and sells the finished products to customersand participants.


If I were a small business owner, my main concern with joiningElemica would be to be in a position to order reasonable number ofitems that the participating companies will be in need of. To workwith this company, you must have information on their system becauseit has a website link for companies that are still not transformedand who cannot work as global chemical companies for all firms.Elemica serves to reduce the cost of employing IT specialists.


It is possible for these firms to compete with each other becauseElemica is a common pool of chemical firms who transact business bybuying and selling products to them. These firms get low cost goodsand may end up not selling it all and therefore they have to get waysto get rid of such products. They will secretly sell these productsto each other at low cost thus becoming each other competitor andcustomer.


Private industrial networks serve to carry out business transactionsbetween companies that have been selected through a given website. Ithas a single company that acts as the sponsor company which gives allthe directions on how other firms should transact business. Elemicademonstrates these features in that there are several large chemicalcompanies that use its platform examples being Air product andchemical, Inc, Dow chemical and Shell Oil Company in Europe.