Emerson`s Self-Reliance




Theessay “Self Reliance” is a compilation of philosophies by RalphWaldo Emerson about how he feels and beliefs about the relationshipbetween a persona and nature. The philosophical belief of Emerson inthe essay is that of self belief and self-worth. In the essay, heconsistently holds to a catchphrase “Trust Thyself” and defendsthe assertion throughout the compilation. According to the essay,Emerson beliefs that every person is a genius from inside, and thatpeople can use this as strength to be self reliant. According toEmerson (1841),the belief in oneself is the key to unlocking the genius in each andevery person.

Accordingto Emerson, the belief in oneself is exhibited by a person believingin his or her own thoughts. Emerson (1841) states, “To believe yourown thought, to believe that what is true for you in your privateheart is true for all men, — that is genius&quot (Emerson, 1841).

Ibelieve in Emerson’s truth about self believe as the key steptowards self reliance. It is impossible for a person to rely onhimself or herself if he or she does not believe in the self`sability to do things. As Emerson rightfully states it, a person’sbelieve in the mind becomes the truth that is known privately. Thismeans that the truth about us is what is accepted by us about ourself, and about our ability. Therefore, to rely on our self, we mustcreate the truth that we are able to achieve anything that we set ourminds to do. This is possible because it is the truth formed by usand believed by us. This way, a person can determine destiny, beliefin it and achieve it, because it apparently lies within him or her.


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