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Todaythe employment market is tough, and finding a job after collegeproves a hard task that requires more than a degree and personalmotivation. In fact, finding work these days may seem like a jobitself because of the high unemployment levels globally. Finding ajob involves filling applications, searches and collectingreferences. In their book, Holton &amp Naquin (2001), states that anindividual cannot be invited for an interview without sending theirresume to the hiring companies. Therefore, it is advisable for oneget started as soon as possible because job search is a difficultprocess (Holton &amp Naquin, 2001).

Developyour brand

Itbecomes easier for a graduate to build a resume while still atcollege especially if they have already decided the career they wouldlike to pursue in the future. To find a meaningful and rewarding job,college graduates should sell their skills to prospective employers.Creating and communicating a brand is a significant step in theprocess of job searching. A personal brand reflects qualities such ashow one dresses, speak and treat others. Therefore, graduate shouldtake advantage of any opportunity given to providing more detailsabout themselves. The primary goal of this step is to convey to theconcerned parties that they are better compared to their counterpartsin the job searching process (Krueger, 2008).

Focuson opportunities to pursue

Itis significant for the graduate to focus on specific opportunities tofollow. Determining what one want to do is an important step and thusone recommended avoiding being too selective and broadens theirsearch. This step requires one to determine their geographicboundaries. In fact, the wider one set their geographic boundariesthe more opportunities available (Krueger, 2008).

Determinepotential industries

Agraduate should focus their energy on ideal organizations that willgive them a job opportunity beneficial to one’s future career. Oncea graduate decide on the geographic region they want to work in, andthen relevant industry sectors and professional discipline should bedetermined. Moreover, graduates should not limit themselves to thejob opportunities only relevant to their major. This is because incollege one is trained to think and communicate in addition to otherskills appropriate is some specific profession. Therefore, is itrecommendable for graduates not to focus narrowly when choosingopportunities, in order to increase chances of getting relevantemployment situations in line with their career interests. To narrowthe job and industry search, several methods can be used and includemeeting with the college personnel working in the career servicesdepartment. These personnel are trained to help graduates to focus onjobs that best suit particular individuals based on experience,skills, and interests. Additionally, it is wise to build friendlyrelations with the college career counselors and other staff in orderto get assistance and tips on internships that would help one in thefuture career (Krueger, 2008).

Determinethe potential market/employers

Accordingto Chiagouris (2011), a graduate can utilize the same techniquesutilized by marketers to identify the target organizations relevantto their future goals. This is significant and can help one developmany leads beneficial in getting a job that best fit them. Moreover,the graduate can generate their lead program by attending networkingevents such as conferences, academic programs and conventionsconducted at colleges. As a matter of fact, in such networkingevents, graduates may meet with various people such as hiringmanagers and some people who may have knowledge of organizations withavailable opportunities (Chiagouris, 2011).

Usesof print/ internet

Theprint media such as newspapers may be valuable when one isidentifying job opportunities. Employment ads in the print media canbe very helpful and provide contacts of the relevant person to sendthe job application. Additionally, the internet has become the mostpopular way to find job opportunities these days. Therefore,graduates can post their resume on general sites such ascareerbuilders.com, and if all goes well then they should be invitedfor interviews (Holton &amp Naquin, 2001).

Inconclusion, a graduate can apply the volunteer intern technique inorder to get real-world work experience. This is very crucial becauseit provides a graduate with valuable experience that will be listedon the resume. This technique also helps one to avoid time lapses intheir resume. Furthermore, there is a high probability of one gettinga job in the same organization they volunteered to work for aftergraduating. With a well-prepared resume, an employer can get aconcise and accurate picture of a graduate’s skills andexperiences, which will convince them that he/she is the idealcandidate for their company. Obviously, after graduating fromcollege, an individual should determine their goals and plan theirfuture career wisely. If the graduate is lucky to pass the interviewand get a job, then the company expects him/her to deliver thepromises, put forward in the resume and interview session (Holton &ampNaquin, 2001).


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