Businessor corporate ethics aims at examining ethical and moral principlesand issues which come up in a corporate setting. They are relevant tohow companies conduct their businesses, as well as individualconduct. This white paper talks about choosing a company that isdeemed ethical and another that is deemed unethical. For this paper,the Coca-Cola Company is believed to practice ethical behaviors whileMcDonald’s present issues of unethical behaviors.



TheCoca-Cola Company is guided by published and recognized code ofethics. The company assesses its systems to make certain that globalbest practices are attained in regards to accountability andtransparency. The ethics code is the company’s foundation of ethicsand ethical behavior. It directs how business is conducted. TheCoca-Cola Company has an and Compliance Committee whichadministers the Code. It also offers consultation, education,evaluation and monitoring connected with compliance.

McDonald’sCorporation is guided by a code of ethics. Its purpose is to governthe company’s business. Employees are required to comply with it,and this is one of the ways to show how McDonald’s is committed tothe code. The code elucidates diverse issues, and it is a guaranteeto conform to the principles of business conduct. However, the degreeto which the company complies with the ethics code is questionable.It is believed to practice dire business ethics towards itsstakeholders. For instance, it pays low wages, impacts other culturesnegatively, and does not permit its staff to unionize.

CorporateSocial Responsibility

TheCoca-Cola Company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) isadministered by the CorporateReputation Council and Public Policy. The council is responsible foridentifying community needs and business risks and proposesstrategies to resolve the same. The company takes part in communityprogrammes such as fighting obesity, forest conservation, economicempowerment for women, elimination of AIDs, fighting climate changeamong others. These practices have improved the company’s imageglobally.

AlthoughMcDonald’s has evidenced cases of CSR, its behaviors are alsoquestionable. The corporation is believed to practice bad ethics inthe name of giving back to the community. It has been referred to as“McDonald’s Legislation”. For instance, in 1972, the founder ofthe corporation donated 250,000US dollars to Nixon`s reelection campaign. The aim was to get alegislation which permitted McDonald’s to pay wages which were lessby 20% of the required minimum wages. Though this is a CSR, itsultimate goal harms the society. The aim of the company’s corevalues is to promote its CSR. It has contributed in environmentalconservation and giving back to the community by sponsoring differentprogrammes including education and eliminating diseases.


TheCoca-Cola Company’s international commitment is enhancingsustainability. It supports sustainable agriculture centering on theproduction of corn, sugarcane and oranges. In Australia, the companywork together with sugarcane farmers to enhance farming behaviors. Italso ensures sustainability of packaging raw materials such asbioplastics.

MacDonald’sis also committed to sustainability especially in its supply chain.Through this, it obtains constant raw materials for production of itsfast foods. The company also ensures sustainability in itsdistribution networks.


McDonald’sshould address its ethical issues, and act in line with its ethicscode. The company should respect other people’s culture, pay itsemployees wages which are not less than the federal minimum wages,and permit them to form unions. Besides, the company’s CSRpractices should be ethical but not based on selfish need.


Theresearch did not change my view regarding the company, and acompany’s ethics does not influence individual’s buyingdecisions. Corporate ethics differs in the global environmentconsidering that what is considered ethical in one society may beunethical in another. However, there are some ethical behaviors thatare similar in all cultures. For instance, treating employees andstakeholders in the best way possible, and providing up to standardcommodities.