Ethnography Dancing Skeletons

Ethnography Dancing Skeletons 4

EthnographyDancing Skeletons



KatherineDettwyler and Steven wanted to carry out their research in NubaMountains found in Sudan, a country that is situated in East Africaregion. Unfortunately, they found themselves stranded in Cairo. SinceRamadhan was on, all planes heading to Khartoum were full. Aftertheir return to America, the U.S agency responsible for internationaldevelopment invited them to Mali for research, and they promised tooffer assistance(Dettwyler, 1994). Thisshows how anthropologists face financial challenges, dynamic policiesin different countries and harsh climates.


Anthropologistseasily communicate with indigenous people, and this helps them tointeract freely with natives as they collect information. Katherineenjoyed a warm welcome from the Malian people whereby they sharedwith her many things including meals. Interpreters often makemistakes while translating this distorts the intended meaning. Again, some phrases and words loose meaning when translated, theaccuracy of the data is affected.


Theauthor found the boy (104) still remembers her, and he is a goodhealth. Kid 104 remembers how she used to bring them bananas. Theboy has totally changed, and he was now going to school like others(Dettwyler,1994).The author used numbers to hide the identity but at the same timekeep the data in reality. Katherine intervention was important andcould set examples to others. Anthropologists cannot avoid thisscenario when carrying out research.


Magnambougoumedical resources are poor as compared to those of United States.Children can be taken to hospitals and easily die unlike in U.S(Dettwyler,1994).They suffered from diseases like Malaria, Malnutrition andschistosomiasis.


Malianpeople believe that there is a weak relationship between diet andone’s health. That is why they even do not care of what to givetheir children. This makes the statement is evident.


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