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Psychological tests and assessments are very essential in gettingthe validity and reliability of information before administering themto clients. Counselors should use various strategies to evaluatethese tests and assessments. To begin with, they should be in aposition to decide whether to use the test or not in relation to thetechnical, administrative and practical matters at hand (Cohen etal., 2013). The time and effort for carrying out an assessment shouldbe carefully selected as this will help determine whether the profitsis greater that the losses of time and effort. It is important tounderstand the needs of the organization, benefits expected as wellas the cost that is likely to be incurred.

They should take time to explain contents of test program beforeadministering to individuals. There should be no any form of doubt tothe test. In addition, how the outcomes of the test will be used forassessment process should be clear to clients. A variety ofassessment tools to be used for the test should be available becauserelaying on only one tool may give unreliable results as tools areprone to errors (Anastasi &amp Urbina, 2010). This will help achievea wider picture of a client for such matters as education, jobexperience and work- can-do attitude.

Alternative assessment procedures for screening individuals is alsoimportant in test program because sometimes results might not occurafter a test due to factors such as one’s state of mind, healthstatus, conversant with test question and test environment. Testmanuals are very essential to clients and counselor should have themin place together with policy on handling dissatisfactions on thetest carried out (Cohen et al., 2013).

Assessment staff test should be checked for accuracy and qualifiedstaff should be chosen to administer and interpret test results.Tests should be carried out at different stages in time to make themup-to-date. To accommodate people with disabilities, the staffshould be trained on proper ways of handling them. Culturaldifferences and ethnicity should be considered as well andappropriate language should be chosen to pass information to clientsfor better understanding (Cohen et al., 2013).


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