Fifty Shades of Grey

FiftyShades of Grey

Themovie film “” is an erotic film whose plot isbased on the E.L James’ book by the same name. The film has aromantic point of view by presenting characters that are determinedto satisfy their sexual desires at all cost. The film involves thetwo main characters, Anastasia &quotAna&quot Steele and ChristianGrey. Ana is a young undergraduate lady living with her roommateKate. Her life changes forever when she meets a young and richsexually active Christian. The main characters Anna and Christianfind their romantic journey marked by extreme sexual desires and needfor their gratification using all the means. The film starts with thepresentation of the central conflict by introducing Ana, a roommatewith Kate as they study at the campus. Kate is set to interview awealthy 27 year old Christian at Seattle headquarters of his company.

WhenKate falls ill and she cannot make it, Ana goes in her place andmeets Christian who becomes interested in her. Christian is evidentlyinterested in Ana and agrees to her photo shoot for the article afterthe interview. For the graduation, Christian sends Ana gifts andmeets with her after the celebration having drunk a lot. They end upin his hotel room, but nothing sexual happens. The two start aromantic relationship which grows into an erotic sexual relationshipmarked extreme sexual acts. Ana agrees to Grey’s request to sign anon-disclosure agreement about their relationship. Over therelationship, Ana is showered with expensive gifts and favors byChristian, and she moves to Seattle with Kate. However, therelationship ends when Ana realizes that Christian is only interestedin sexual acts and experimentations using her.

Thethemes of the movie range from love, eroticism to sexual bondageamong others. The theme of love is developed comprehensively in thestarting of the film as Ana and Christian fall in love almostinstantaneously. They simultaneously share the same feelings the sameday they meet during the interview and during the photo shoot. Thetwo share the chemistry between them in the first days until theirlove relationship turns erotic. The theme of eroticism is developedby the sexual feelings that the two portray. Their feelings seem tobe aesthetically motivated by desires that lead to bondage. The themeof sexual bondage in this film is a collection of Dominance byChristian and Ana’s submission which amounts to Sadomasochism. Thetwo do sexual experimentations that are meant to satisfy Christian’ssexual desires at the submission of Ana.

Aspecific scene in the movie that illustrates to the audience and Anaof Christian’s intention is where he is whipping Ana. After sheasks him what he would do is she breaks the rule, Christian takes abelt and whips her buttocks six times with a belt. The scene is sographic, especially when he makes her count the number of times hestrikes her. It is here that Ana realizes that the relationship isonly inclined to the satisfaction of Christian’s sexualexperimentations at the expense of her sexual expectations. It isduring this scene that Ana learns of Christian’s intention when thewhips become a demonstration of what he will do if she ends therelationship. Finally, Ana breaks up with Christian because she isnow certain that he is wrong for her.

Thetechnical aspects of the film are excellently done, with theproduction being on point for a quality movie. Being a noveladaptation of the bestselling novel, the film goes the extra mile bycreating the plot more vivid than it is in the novel. While manyproducers competed for the production rights, Universal Pictures andFocus Picture produced the film. The directing of the movie was doneby Sam Taylor-Johnson, which is well played.

Themovie has two main soundtracks, “Earned It” by The Weekend, and“Love me like you do” by Ellie Goulding (Johnson120).The costuming for the movie fits the class, age and occupation forthe actors. For example, Kate and Ana have perfect costumes for theundergraduate students while Christian has a perfect costuming for ayoung CEO. The acting and casting for the film is perfect to fit theplot and context of the book from which the movie is adapted from.Dakota Johnson perfectly fits as Ana with Eloise Mumford fitting therole of Kate (Johnson119).In the same way, Jamie Dornan plays the role of Christian Greyexcellently and is a good casting for it.

Themovie shows the extents of love and erotic relationships that youngpeople engage in. The plot of the movie is perfectly adapted from thebook and gives a clear storyline with a consistent conflict. The mainactors develop the events with passion and commitment to develop therelationship at all cost, which is the main focus of the film. Withan excellent casting, perfect directing, production and appropriatecasting, the movie is a success in the presentation of the themes oflove, eroticism and sexual bondage.


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