Final Ethics Case

FinalEthics Case

FinalEthics Case

Ethicshas been one of the most explored concepts in the contemporary humansociety. It underlines the principles that a particular group ofpeople have adopted as guidelines pertaining to what is right orwrong (Ferrell et al, 2013). More often than not, there aresituations that are not explicit with regards to the appropriatenessof a particular course of action. Such is the case for Juliet whofaces a dilemma regarding the most effective and efficient way forsaving his business.

Basingthe choice on utilitarianism, it would be most appropriate that hemakes the donation to Romeo who is yet to be familiar with thebeliefs of Juliet and has the capacity to deliver the badly neededtax break that could save the company. Utilitarianism underlines thenotion that an individual should weigh the costs and benefits of aparticular course of action and then choose the one that maximisesthe benefits while reducing the costs for the parties involved(Ferrell et al, 2013). For now, making the donation would result inthe tax break, which could save the company in the short-term andpossibly the long-term.

Whilethere is the threat that Capulet could blow the whistle on the dealand has promised that the same can be delivered once his party has amajority in the Congress, it is noteworthy that there is no guaranteethat such a thing will happen in the future. Further, by the timethat happens, the company will already have gone under, in which casethere will be nothing to save. There is a chance that Capulet willnot know when the deal is completed particularly if the money isdivided into portions and donations made in different people’snames. Of course, the people who have already approached Romeo wouldbe willing to make the donations on the behalf of the company,something that will not raise suspicion or even triggerinvestigations from the PAC.


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