WhyAPPLE is a successful company

Appleis one of the most successful companies in the world today. Apple isthe focus of the financial world today with a recent release in theglobal market showing that Apple is the second most profitablecompany after the Commercial Bank of China. The company has retainedits big numbers in sales of cutting edge and high-margin electronics.Apple prides its success on among other reasons the products areuser friendly that is, all the company’s products are easy tounderstand, use and learn. Also, the company offers greatcustomer service. It is important to note that Apple does notcompromise on quality. The company strongly believes that no greatproduct comes with poor quality. All the products with Apple’sbrand are known to be of high quality.

Personalinterests after school

Mygreatest personal interest that which has given me the greatest senseof achievement is the fact that I am an astute leader with excellentpeople management abilities as Iam aware that today’s business is about the investment and themanagement of assets, opportunities and risk (Ryan,2012).Atschool I am actively involved with the netball team. I amadditionally working my way to becoming captain of the team. Being amember of the team, I have gained essential skills such ascommunication and time-management skills, interpersonal andorganizational skills. I have theability to effectively work with other people regardless of theirbackground to achieve set goals in any company. After school, I wouldbe interested in various activities. To start with, I would wish towork in an organization that values my skills and holdsprofessionalism in high regard.


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