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The compositions of Gluck, Haydn and Mozart are a representation ofmusic during the classical period. This is because they are areflection of the changes happening in the societies where the musicwas composed. The music does not comprise the heavy ornamentedtechniques apparent during the Rococo or Baroque. Contrary, themethod used resembles a clean, organized method (Sherrane,n.d).

It is obvious that the composers are from the similar period. Thethree composers made major contributions in music, which associatethem to the classical period. Despite being in the same period, thecomposers’ music differs. Gluck’s composition is the reformationof the lavishness evident in Baroque opera (Downs, 1992). Haydn isassociated with the introduction of the clarinets, the use oftrumpets alone without horn doubling, separation of cellos fromdouble bass, and giving the major melodic line to woodwind devices(Downs, 1992). Mozart was accountable for major progresses in thecreative employing of instruments. The last two symphonies by thecomposer are amid the best orchestral work during the classicalperiod.

Lessons on melody, harmony, pitch and rhythm are relevant incomprehending the compositions. It becomes possible to analyze thedifferent methods of composition in the music. For instance, throughthe lessons, it becomes possible to analyze the apparentorchestration in Haydn’s music. An illustration is the conscioususe of musical motives, which are the music building blocks duringthe classical time (Downs, 1992). Apparent in Haydn’s compositionis the movement of the musical motive from one instrument to anotherthat gives an advent aspect to the orchestration.

Music influences the human condition via triggering creativity. Bylistening to music, people are capable of becoming more creative.This explains why there have been advances in music composition fromthe different periods.


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