Functions of Public Relations Number

Functionsof Public Relations


Functionsof Public Relations

Publicrelations, is the process of building relationships between anorganization and its prospective audience. These audiences are themain stakeholders who benefit directly or indirectly from theoperations of the organization hence the audiences are relative tothe organization’s operations. The main aim of public relations isto build lasting relationships between the organization and thepublic. The domain of this relationship exceeds the organization’soperations extending to matters of public interest. These includepolitics, health and the general social aspects of the public welfare(Spicer, 2013).

Organizationsshould therefore undertake in depth research to analyze matters ofpublic interest which can aid in achieving its goals and objectives.These are public opinions, attitudes and interests of concern. Thereare several factors to consider when choosing an effective publicrelations strategy. First, the organization should plan and budgetsustainably for the cost of public relations. Secondly, staffmembers should be trained so as to display common interests of theorganization to the public. Most importantly, the goals andobjectives of the organization should be in line with the strategy.This is to ensure that ultimately the organization will benefit interms of being esteemed highly in society. This leads to monetarygains in the long run, for profit making organizations. The socialresponsibility of the organization should also be assimilated with PR(Spicer, 2013).

Thefollowing is a comprehensive analysis of the Coca Cola companyoperations which is well known worldwide. The main objective is toestablish means by which the company can gain further public commandand more importantly, how to maintain their prestige. The reportcovers all the avenues that can be used by the company for publicrelations.

BriefHistory of the Coca Cola Company

TheCoca Cola Company was founded in 1892 in Atlanta Georgia, USA by AsaGriggs Candler and is now the world’s leading beverage company. TheAmerican multinational beverage corporation offers more than fivehundred brands all over the world and is best known for its Coca Colaproduct invented by John Smith Pemberton in 1886. The companyproduces syrup concentrate which is then distributed to variousbottlers the world over. It is a brand name worldwide due itsaggressive advertisements and continues to generate very high income.The Coca Cola Company is especially famed for keeping the recipe ofits Coca Cola syrup a secret known by few loyal employees, both as amarketing strategy and as a way to protect its intellectual property(Pendergrast,2013).

Organizationaland Societal Functions of PR

Thefunctions carried out by an organization to publicize it forbeneficial purposes comprise the organizational functions of PR.These include media relations, government affairs, research andinternal relations with employees and shareholders. The employees andthe shareholders form the intrinsic public and their welfare shouldthus be protected. The shareholders and employees want to be involvedin decision making processes. This can be achieved by internallycreating effective and efficient channels of communication so as toinvolve these critical stakeholders. Recognition schemes should alsobe formulated so as to motivate employees and to ensure that thegoals and objectives of the organization are achieved in the longrun. The organization should also establish effective relations withthe media given its great impact on the attitudes of the public(Spicer, 2013).

Thesocietal functions of PR on the other hand lie in making criticaldecisions affecting society at large. This is done in a bid to drawpublic attention and in turn act as a marketing strategy. Societalfunctions of PR have gained vast popularity in society today and playa major role in many aspects especially in the health and educationsectors. Charity programs are supported greatly by organizations in abid to improve lives of society members especially their prospectiveconsumers. It is especially common practice for organizations todevelop infrastructure around their premises which benefits thegeneral public (Spicer, 2013).

Inmany instances however the organizational and societal functions ofPR overlap in that one function of the organization can fall intoboth categories. Many organizations seek these dual functions inorder to enjoy mutual benefits and also to minimize on their costs.Issues regarding government affairs and marketing serve the dualpurposes of PR. Therefore each organization should have a sustainableplan to assimilate these two functions so as to establish theirniche, in terms of audiences.

TheCoca-Cola Company can merge both societal and organizationalfunctions of PR by advocating for the health benefits of theirproducts. Today’s society is very skeptical about their healthgiven the advent of new breed of diseases mostly associated withunhealthy living. The company has a wide market all over the world.The curiosity by consumers on the secret recipe has worked topublicize the brand. More than seventy million people around theworld enjoy the Coca-Cola beverage every day. This is due to itsunique taste attributed to the secret recipe. The company cantherefore take advantage of its worldwide market to advocate forhealthy living. This can be done without necessarily revealing itsrecipe. The company can disclose use of organic and non toxicchemicals in the manufacture of their syrups. In addition they canexplain the health benefits associated with intake of their drinks.The company can go ahead to explain how environmental friendly theiroperations are because the public is increasingly raising concernsover environmental conservation (Pendergrast,2013).The public would esteem the company highly and this wouldsubsequently yield greater sales. Therefore both the organizationaland societal needs would be catered for mutually.

Themain objective of PR practices is to build a relationship with allinvolved parties and therefore there is need to establish sustainablemeans of addressing these audiences. The Coca Cola Company caninvolve the media to air their views on matters regarding publicaffairs. This includes having an opinion on government affairs andespecially advocating for the rights of the marginalized in society.In addition, the company can develop third world countries byoffering aid in terms of educational scholarships for outstandingstudents, construction of health facilities and other infrastructuraldevelopments (Pendergrast,2013).The company should also take advantage of social media platforms toengage with their audiences. This would go a long way in engaging thecompany in daily affairs and giving opinions that influence publicattitudes. These conversations have a great impact on PR and henceshould be carefully crafted to prevent public uproar.

Inconclusion, the organizational and societal functions of PR have amajor role to play in the wellbeing of any organization and thereforeshould be taken seriously. In this case, the Coca Cola Company shouldtake advantage of their already established markets all over theworld to make a difference in society and to ultimately benefit theCompany through sales which yield greater profits. They shouldespecially work on strategies with dual PR functions so as to enjoytheir mutual benefits.


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