Gang Tours or Ghetottainment


GangTours or Ghetottainment

GangTours or Ghetottainment

Theidea presented in the short clip may be interesting but it seems likea terrible one. Indeed, it presents a concept where individuals paysome money so that they can be taken through the gangland in LA.While it may seem like an educational tour, the concept is simply abusiness that seeks to exploit the conditions of the people who livein the ganglands. Indeed, the tour guide would seem to be perceivingthe people in the ghettoes as animals in a zoo. Of course, the mainquestion is whether the guide would continue doing the same if theways of life of the people in these slums are uplifted. There arehigh chances that he would not want that to happen as their situationis his cash-cow.

Thereare variations in the situations in rural and urban areas that makethe rates in the latter be a bit higher than in the former. In theurban areas, it is easy to live without knowing anyone, somethingthat could result in loneliness. People seek to join gangs as a wayof getting a sense of belonging. This is unlike rural areas whereeveryone knows everyone, in which case the need for gangs isconsiderably low. Similarly, many people would care about otherpeople’s activities in the rural areas, unlike the case of urbanareas.


Iagree the attraction is a terrible idea and is of no benefit to thecommunity. Indeed, it seems to be glorifying gang life. Nevertheless,getting the consent of the community would be difficult, in whichcase a better alternative would be to seek ways of benefiting itthrough aid ad projects.

Ofcourse, there are other ways of benefiting the community through thisproject perhaps through raising awareness and providingrehabilitation programs but not through treating it as an attractionsite.

Iagree that the tours could aggravate the gang situation as members ofthese gangs seek to put on a show for the tourists. Essentially, theidea is terrible and inappropriate.

Indeed,the need to create social relationships and find one’s identity andsense of community drives people to gangs. Big cities may have worsecases considering the high cost of living and more intense peerpressure.

WhileI agree as to the similarity in urban and rural gangs, social tiescannot be the main pressure for gang life. In fact, it could mitigatethe effects of the same. Other factor such as higher cost of livingand less friends may motivate individuals to join gangs.

Iagree with the writer on motivating factors in urban areas and ruralareas being similar but in varying magnitudes. Sense of security,belonging and community are less in urban areas than rural areas, inwhich case people seek them in gangs.