Governor Jerry Brown

GovernorJerry Brown

GovernorJerry Brown is an American politician, attorney and belongs to theDemocratic Party and is currently serving as the Californian Governorsince 2011 (David). There is quite a lot of information about him,his political career, roles, and his aspirations especially in theInternet. He has helped improve the economy of California. He istherefore a prominent leader whose ideologies interest many people.This paper discusses information about him by dwelling on the issuesmentioned above.

Theinternet and Californian newspapers have covered many stories about. This range from his personal life, politicalcareer, education, his different roles in the government, and howthese roles have impacted on the citizens and economy of California.Most of these stories are covered regularly with various updates onthe functions and latest developments he has helped come up with.Among the most important issues covered in the internet is hiscontribution in the stabilization of the economy of California bycoming up with a balanced budget, his contribution in theenvironmental policies, his stand on the proposed immigrationreforms, and his plan on the campaign in a bid to be re–elected .

Theissues addressed by Governor Jerry are all over in the internet andthe various Californian newspapers such as the New York Times. Bysearching for the particular information a citizen desires to knowabout in the internet, they are sure to get alot of insights. Again, they can purchase the official gazettes suchas New York Times, Washington Times, and Los Angeles Times to getthis information. Again, by viewing on his profile on the website,they can as well get information about the issues being raised andthe latest developments by the Governor. Governor Jerry communicatesmostly with the constituents through various press conferences,updates on his social media accounts such as Facebook and twitter,community meetings, and through announcement of the latest importantdevelopments in the official gazette.

There is a lot of information about in theinternet. His website is always kept up to date and highlights allaspects that revolve around him. By going through his website, onecan easily understand his political career, education, personal life,and his future aspirations. The website is clear written in an easyto understand language. Images have been posted on the internetshowing Governor Jerry engage in various community organized venturesand as he undertakes various press conferences. They majorly lie onhis theme of improving California to be a better state. GovernorJerry Brown has a Facebook page and a twitter account. His Facebookand twitter accounts are up to date with official information and hisengagements and contributions to his people on the ongoing events anddevelopments as he undertakes his roles as a Governor.


Informationabout Governor Jerry is all over in the internet, magazines,newspapers, books, and scholarly articles. Anyone with the intentionof getting to know more about can make use ofthese sources. The internet has a website under his name as well ashis social accounts such as Facebook and twitter which have all sortof information about him. One can also get information about him byaccessing the official Californian government website.


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