Greek Mythology – Aphrodite

GreekMythology – Aphrodite

GreekMythology – Aphrodite

InGreek mythology, Aphrodite is known as the goddess of beauty, whichpermeates entire world. Other version claims that the Aphrodite wassired from the Uranus blood, castrated by the Titan Cronus, and thathis blood streamed down the sea to form foam (Afros – Greek). It wasnot only the love patron but also the fertility, eternal spring, andlife goddess. The paper, therefore, examines the place and influenceAphrodite had on the Greek mythology.

Accordingto Temple &amp Squier (2013), Aphrodite was not only known as thegoddess of fertility but also the patron of love. Aphrodite couldoften appear surrounded by her companions – Charites, ors, andhymphs. Goddess of birth and marriage was showed to the Aphrodite,thanks to the Aphrodite identified by Phoecian goddess, EgyptianIsis, Astarte, Assyrian Ishtar, and Sumerian Inanna. The Greeks inthe ancient times used to believe that the Aphrodite protects theheroes, however, it on apply to sphere feelings, as it did to Paris.

Aphrodite’sgreat love was the beautiful Adonis, the beautiful Mirra son, whichwas transformed into myrrh tree by the gods, offering beneficialresin. Adonis died soon after, having been wounded by the boar duringhunting. Roses grew and blossomed from his tears to form anemones andfrom his blood. Temple &amp Squier (2013) noted that Adonis death isas a result of jealous Ares.

TheAphrodite was one among the three goddesses that argued about whoamong them was the most beautiful. Aphrodite promised son of Trojan,Paris, Helen, the most beautiful woman alive. She was the wife ofKing Menelaus of Sparta (Temple &amp Squier, 2013) if at all hewould pick her to be the one. She eventually won the dispute, Parisabduction of Helen resulted in the Trojan War.

Inconclusion, it is evident that Aphrodite had an undisputed place inthe Greek mythology. Again, the role played by the Aphrodite ensuredthat it went down the history of the Greeks as the most admiredgoddess of beauty. In addition, Aphrodite impacted on the life ofParis and King Menelaus and, as a result, it led to the Trojan War.


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