Haier marketing plan

Haiermarketing plan

Oneof the most crucial things for any business to succeed is a marketingplan with clear understanding of competitors and customers. Though acompany marketing plan may be informal or formal, at the minimumlevel the plan should describe who the customers are, where to findinformation, and how the business will reach the customers (Lymbersky45).


Haierneeds to develop a clear and focused understanding of why theircustomers will need their products. In this step, Haier shouldexamine the core need that its products will meet in customers. Thecommodities should be created in an approach that meets customers`desires better than their competitors do.


Identifytargeted customers

Thereare many potential customers in US market, but in order to succeedbetter and faster, business like Haier must study its market anddetermine characteristics of its targeted customers. The targetedcustomers must be defined in detail. By doing so, Haier will developa good picture of expected financials and sales revenues (Lymbersky57).


Identifycompetitors who also target their customers

Inevery market, there are always competitors business should nevermake a mistake of imagining there are no competitors. Haier shouldtake time to study its competitors in detail. The business mustunderstand who its competitors are, their main competitive advantage,as well as how they may respond to Haier offerings such ascommission, price cuts, and increased communication.


Writedown brand positioning statement for the targeted customers

Ultimately,the business brand and the information it communicates to customersis the strongest competitive advantage. Haier must write down an easydeclarative sentence on how the business will beat its competitorsand meet customer needs. The best positioning statements includesthose that are focused on the needs of customers and aresingle-minded. Although these steps are essential for starting point,businesses like Haier must incorporate multiple marketing channels inthe marketing plan (Viardot 56). The most popular marketing channelsinclude:


Thischannel has become a crucial part of marketing plan. Many businessesin United States are yet to realize opportunities that Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ as well as other networks offer to them.Although the idea of marketing through social media can overwhelmsome businesses, the process need not to be a significant challengesince more companies and services are frequently popping up. BrettFarmiloe, the founder of Markitors (an internet marketing company),advised businesses such as Haier to get into social media to knowtheir customers (Lymbersky 64).


Theacceptance of tablets and smartphones has aided in changing the waybusinesses target their customers. Consequently, many companies areimplementing strategies that help them reach customers through thesedevices. People should not consider mobile marketing as just anextension of online or email marketing. Since most consumers havetheir mobile, the recipient can indeed notify devices with themalways, texts notifications. Marketing through mobile devices isinterruptive, therefore, because of this power many markets allow theconsumers to determine when and how to receive marketing information.To optimize mobile marketing presence, Haier must carefully considerwhen and how it will reach its mobile customers. The business shouldbe sensitive to why and when their customers use their mobile devicesand provide customers with information that is appropriate to theirsituation (Viardot 61).


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