Health Care Administration Answers Question 1


HealthCare Administration Answers


Inclass, I would use the problem solving matrix can be used tounderstand the problems and challenges that a student faces in class.The use of the matrix helps in discovering the problem andunderstanding the root causes of the challenges in class. Accordingto Wolper (2004), themethod of solving a problem is significantly helpful in tacklingacademic and personal issues both in class and in the workplace. Thisis because the matrix makes a person to describe the problem andgather the information needed to create a solution for it. In theworkplace, I would use the matrix to interrogate information gatheredso as to comprehensively understand the problem by exploring itscontextual background.

Moreover,I would use the technologicalproblem solving matrix to prioritize solutions to the challengespresent at the workplace. I would use the processes recommended bythe matrix to analyze the problems that relate to patients so as tounderstand the possible solutions. Through the matrix, I would rankall the possible solutions and prioritize them according to the needsof the organization and the patients. Moreover, the matrix recommendsinterrogation of the solutions through thoughts and involving ofstakeholders. Therefore, the matrix will help in the determination ofa comprehensive solution to the issue and challenges that face theworkplace environment. Apart from the solution, the matrix helps toevaluate the implementation of a solution and review of the progressof the solution on the workplace environment.


Toquell the concerns of patients over the security and privacy of theirdata, it is important to use appropriate communication. Theappropriate communication would be holding discussions with themabout their data. From the discussion, the management will get toknow their concerns, their fears and the most sensitive informationaccording to them. Through the discussion, the health institution isable to explain the measures taken to avoid exposure of confidentialpatient information. Moreover, the discussion will be an importanttool that will help a health institution manage the questions andconcerns from patients and other stakeholders.

Fromthe ethical perspective, it is reasonable to talk and quell theconcerns of patients over their information. The main reason for atalking to patients and quelling their concerns over the security andprivacy of their information is because it is ethically right to doso. This is because it is the ethical responsibility of any healthorganization to engage their patients concerning any issue that theyraise (Wolper, 2004).In the case of data and information, the concern of patients is validand legally abiding. It is abiding because health institutions have alegal responsibility to keep the information of patients in strictconfidentiality.


Theimpact of companies offering buyouts is a large number of employeelayoffs. These companies offer buyouts primarily to expand theirbusiness realms and to gain from the benefits of streamlining thebusiness operations of the selling company. Companies who acceptbuyouts do so primarily because of business interests. The companiesaccept the buyouts when their business operations cannot sustain thebusiness obligations, including paying of employees.

Therefore,the impacts of buyouts are ethically and legally acceptable as theremedies for further collapse of the selling company. The ethical andlegal responsibilities of such impacts on the current employees liesquarely on the new company, or the acquirer. The acquiring companyshould retain a considerable number of employees as a way ofpromoting continuity of the firm.


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