Health Care Finance Credentialing


HealthCare Finance Credentialing

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Healthcare Financial Management Association offers two type ofcredentials, that is, Credentialed Healthcare Financial Professional(CHFP) certification for the mid-level professionals of three to fiveyears of experience and Fellow of the Health Management Association(FHFMA) designation for professionals with CHFP certification, whoshow the spirit of coming forward for the organization within threeyears of applying for FHFMA certification and who has been anactive member of HFMA for five years . Applicants pass a test attesting centers yearly or at HFMA’s annual conference each June.Online study programs are offered for both certifications (Lindh,2010).

Individuals with these credentials go to serve in direct-level andsenior leadership roles in hospitals, health systems, payerorganizations and healthcare consulting organizations. Those withCHFP become managers and directors in healthcare finance (Lindh,2010).

Numerous opportunities are available in the field of medical financeand therefore I would be interested to pursue a career in it. Thosewho specialize in medical finance work in hospitals and health systemdirectly with patients, in billing and preregistration (Lindh, 2010).Also, they can work in other healthcare companies like insurancecompanies, government agencies and consulting organizations.Professionals are always learning in this field.

A number of educational and social networking resources are providedby HFMA to its members through events, local chapters, regional andnational programs offered online. Publications like HFM magazines areprovided as well as guidance on how to meet government requirementsand how to collaborate with other healthcare organizations (Lindh,2010).

As a healthcare finance professional, I would pay attention toleadership reports that are published by HFMA and my focus will be ontopics with practical strategies that can help hospitals and healthsystems achieve their objectives. I will utilize the chapter tofurther my knowledge of the healthcare finance profession and attendevery forum held online where important matters are discussed.


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