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Iwould like to pursue a career in the health care sector.Specifically, I want to be a medical laboratory technologists. Iwould like work in medical laboratory in a large hospital in thecountry. I would also like to work, some day, in medical researchlaboratory. There are several factors that make me think that amedical profession is the most appropriate for me. First, I have apassion of helping others. I believe that being a medical careprofessional will give me an excellent opportunity to serve others.The most important motivation of people seeking to work in themedical profession is the desire to help other people. By working asmedical laboratory technologists, I will be able to earn a livingwhile serving others. Although I will not be involved in primary caregiving to the patients, I will be able to gain satisfaction from thefact that I am able to help people with desperate medical needs. Itis my view that the job of a medical laboratory technology, whetherin a research laboratory or in the hospital, is one of the mostintrinsic job in the medical profession.

Anotherreason I would like pursuing a medical profession of the prospects ofgrowth in the industry. Over the years, the health care industry hasbeen one of the fastest growing industries. This is due to emerginghealth care challenges, the increased population and technologicaldevelopment in the field. According to labor statistics in the unitedstates and other parts of the world, all fields in the health careprofession are expected to grow steadily at least in the next onedecade. Recent studies in the labor market indicate that the healthcare industry has the fastest growing and expanding positions in themodern economies. Thus, while other professions are struggling withdiminishing job opportunities, the health care profession is booming.This is despite the skyrocketing in the number of students enrollingin medical related programs in colleges and universities. This hasassured me a stable job after completing my studies. Additionally,the job satisfaction and pay or benefits are relatively between whencompared with other professions (Sharon, 2010).

Theflexible working hours and the work environment in the medical careprofessions are also some of the aspects that make medical laboratorytechnologists a very attractive profession to me. Health carefacilities throughout the world operate 24 hours a day, throughoutthe week. This is because some of the health care needs are urgent. This allows health care workers to have flexible working hours thatare able to fit in their personal schedules. Additionally, wheneverthere is a need, one can switch shifts with their coworkers. This isunlike other professions which have specific working hours within aday, mainly 9am to 5pm, which does not allow flexibility. This willallow me to have more time with my family, be an active member of thesociety and possibly have time to pursue further studies. Thechallenging and rapidly changing environment in which modern healthcare workers are exposed is also an important attraction. The healthcare sector is experiencing rapid technological development in thediagnosis and management of patients’ health. The medicallaboratory technology is among the most technological advance sectionin medical care. Thus, although laboratory tests are relatively thesame, the advancement in technologies breaks the monotony as newtechnologies are introduced (Sharon, 2010).


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