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Accordingto World Health Organization (WHO), environmental health refers toparameters of human life that are dependent on environmental factors.It is the manipulation of these factors simultaneously that gives manthe highest positive benefit (Stevens,2013).The chief focus for this paper is environmental health, where theobjective is to reduce global burden of disease because of poor waterquality, sanitation, and inadequate hygiene.

Ahealthy living environment enhances quality of life and prolongs aperson’s lifespan. About 25% of all global deaths can be tracedback to environmental causes ( is based on air and water quality, waste management, technologyand infrastructures as well as the global state of environmentalhealth. This implies that global deaths due to diseases that emanatefrom poor water quality, sanitation, and inadequate hygiene can beprevented if environment is well managed.

Asa policy maker, I would empower people with information as an actionplan of implementing changes in order to attain the objective.Adequate community mobilization and awareness tops the list ofactions aimed at enhancing environmental health. This is vital sincepeople relate better with their environment upon understanding theirrole and the impacts of their actions on their health.

Availabletechnological options are necessary to enhance informationdissemination to the relevant target groups. The state should investmore in funding public awareness campaigns on the matter rather thanproviding treatment to victims of poor environmental health.Therefore, I would urge governments to fund the awareness campaigns.In addition, the community should be integrated in environmentalconservation programs so as to create a sense of ownership andprestige. This creates as sense of ownership, encouraging betterman-environment relationship (Stevens,2013).The state should also be involved in ensuring healthy environment forits citizens by investing in major water and sanitation projects soas to ensure the community’s access to safe drinking and domesticwater which is a significant variable in environmental healthstudies. So, I would encourage governments to take into considerationthis action in order to realize the objective.


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