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Everythingseemed to fall into since Palmer came into the firm. The first twoweeks, his internship program was positivesince he worked well with his superiors and the intern, Mr. Freeman.He completed his projects on time, and hereceived positive reviews from the clients. His skill level was alsooutstanding our relationship was good. However, everything startedgoing downhill during the third week. He became laidbackabout his daily activities, his cordial,and friendly relationship with me startedto become unpleasant and awkward, and he only communicated with hissuperiors when there was a need. He alsokept to himself and only interacted with Freeman,which started impacting on Freeman’s attitude at work. He andFreeman also requested that they get paired up with other employeeseven though they were interns. At some point, the two interns leftwork early instead of catching up with other employees, which Inoticed it was something Freeman had enjoyed doing. At one point,Glinda Taylor informed me that she had overheard the two internscriticizing my management style has the head of the company. I alsonoted that Palmer was dragging along in submitting his final films tothe clients. The problem is he seem tohave ignored the firm’s mission, which is to provide quickturnaround on the projects.

Palmeris very talented with his skills, which makes it even hard to get himout of the company. The clients had earlier given him positivereviews on the works he had completed. However, it has reached abreaking point where drastic decisions need to bemade. As it is understood, thefirm’s vision and mission comes first. At theonset, Palmer was aware of the firm’s well established clear andlogical rules along with the atmosphere that surrounds the employeesthat sought to establish a difference between employee disruptionsand smooth-running operations of the company. From this, thereare decisions and recommendations that I had to make for the firm’swell-being.

Earlier,Palmer had been warned and remind of the company’s policy onaccountability but he seem to not have paid attention to it. Fromthis, a second reminder should follow that isserves as a stern warning that had to be inthe form of a written letter, which outlines his past poorperformance and prior warnings. I would all of this in private toavoid embarrassment. However, if my decision will include aprobationary caution, that should be followed by a time limit. In theprobationary warning, Palmer should be made aware what will beexpected of him in his performance improvement over a specified timeframe.

FromPalmer’s deteriorating performance, change in attitude, andinfluence on his fellow intern is a recipe for automatic terminatingof his internship however, with his talented skills and the firm’sfuture handling of the employees, I consider termination of anemployee based on fuzzy evidence or in haste could have a negativeimpact in the long run. I prefer to attempt to turn Palmeraround and avoid going through the painful process of firingconsidering he is the same age as I unless such misconducts couldinclude instances of theft or gross incompetence. Again, there areother issues as the head of the firm that I could need to considerbefore making a decision on Palmer. For example, there areoperational and legal problems that I have to take into accountconsidering Palmer still has a contractwith the firm.

Afterevaluating Palmer’s situation and the position of the company, Imade a decision to patch things up him. I learnedthat in order to make things work, I as the head of the firmhave to be a good listener. I learned thatPalmer’s major issue was that he considered himself talented withimmeasurable skills yet he was just an intern without pay. Havingbeen attentive when the situation was deteriorating, I also realizedthat the best way to improve the situation isbased on having a clear possible understanding of the issue. Iwould then give him a clear behavioral feedback that is giving atough feedback but reasonably. I would also lower hisdefensiveness on the matter and provide them with specificinformation required to proper improvement inthe attitude towards work and on his fellowemployees.

Onmy part, it dawn on me that for all around smooth running of thefirm, I had to improve so that I could be in a position to handlematters that arises such as Palmer’s situation. From theresearch carried out before, it revealed that bad managers costbusiness many millions. In addition, anineffective manager can interfere with smooth,productive team of employees, logs a project or ruining a good day.

Tobegin with, my short-term goal is to build good working relationshipsbetween the employees and the executives. By this, I mean getting toknow them at a more personal level in and out of the firm, what makesthem tick, the manner in which they communicate, and what theirvalues are. With this, it could help drive their passion for theoverall success. Secondly, to be a bettermanager, I could embark on setting clear expectations forevery employee for clarity. This is importantto the mission and vision of the company and that of the employees’development. This will help avoid the firm’s goals becoming justmoving targets that frustrate the employeesand the clients.

Lastly,there is an option that I should put into consideration, whichincludes stepping out of my comfort zone of being a micro-manager. Ishould focus on the overall outcome of the firm rather than payingattention to individuals’ performance and how they perform theirtasks. Another option could include the need fora manager to execute a different approach to deal with issues thatarise rather than leading from the front ina crisis mode.