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Foxconn isa huge international company that manufactures electronic devicesdesigned by famous companies such as Apple and Samsung. This companyemploys workers facing financial hardships and takes advantage ofthem by forcing them to work overtime. As a result, a greater part ofits workers ended up committing suicide because of the excessiveworkload. Many people argue that globalization has positive effectssuch as growing the economy and helping people overcome poverty.However, I think that globalization has more adverse than positiveimpacts since it brings a great gap between the rich and the poor.Since globalization seems permanent, people have to make up somesolutions for the adverse effects on the world caused by it. Thisessay uses Foxconn Company to depict the negative impacts ofglobalization.

One of the most significantbenefits of globalization is helping poor people overcome poverty. Inaddition, it helps in making the economy growing fast, especially indeveloping countries. Shannon (2013, par 7) argues that “In China,each person now produces four times as much as in the early 1990s.”Having joined the global labor force, millions of people indeveloping countries have earned the chance to escape squalor andpoverty.” In the instance when the majority of the people are poorin the same region, the situation must be caused by the economy ofthat region. This region must be lacking jobs opportunities.Consequently, the residents are forced to live below the povertyline. People in these regions are not able to earn a living becauseof their poor economy. However, globalization can help fix their pooreconomy and bring the people out of poverty. For instance, largeinvestors can capitalize money and resources in that region becauseof globalization. With the useful resources, that region can create abetter economy by creating jobs and optimizing its industrialproduction. Therefore, with a better economy, people can improvetheir lives. For this reason, globalization significantly benefitspeople that are in poverty.

Nevertheless, despite thepositive effects of globalization, there are negative impacts.Globalization brings a great inequality in the world by increasingthe gap of wealth between the richer and workers. “Aclamour is abroad that nardelli and his friends among the top 100th-or eventhe top 1000 th-of the population are seizing the lion’s share ofglobalization’s gains.”(Economist, 2007, par 7). Globalization is allowing the rich to makeenormous profits on daily basis. While the rich are enjoying theirlavish life, the workers of developed countries are losing their jobsbecause of lower wages. Additionally, most of the workers indeveloping countries are being exploited. Even though workers indeveloping countries are getting more employment opportunities as aresult of globalization, they are under paid, forced to work overtimeand risky conditions due to the use of toxic chemicals and poorelectrical wiring. This is the negative side of globalization.

According to both articles “therich get richer” (Economist, 2007) and “Factory collapse concernonly if $6 bikinis stay” (Shannon, 2013), we know that there arethree solutions.

  1. Creating a system that teaches people new skills,

  2. Implementing a fair (standard) tax across the globe, and

  3. Introducing health care benefits and granting pensions to employees.

In order to give workers an goodenvironment to avoid to get hurt by low wages, forced overtime andthe use of toxic chemicals in poor working environment, the consumermay need to start getting used to higher prices (Shannon, 2013). Withthese two solutions, what I would suggest as a solution to thenegative effects of globalization is thatthe government should give more benefits for workers and theirfamilies, such as higher wages and more bonuses. Withthe fair tax in developed countries will be turned into an exporteconomy. Most of manufacturing base will return. As a result, jobsthat went overseas will return to their original countries.&nbsp

In conclusion, globalization isplaying an important role in the lives of modern society. However,whether it is a blessing or a curse, this issue has sparked a heateddebate. We cannot deny that globalization brings beneficial influencein our lives. Personally, I globalization gave me an opportunity towork in an American hospital prior to settling in America. This gaveme an opportunity to experience better-working conditions, forinstance, good health care, high wages, and excellent workenvironment. Unfortunately, not all of us can benefit fromglobalization. Some workers are facing threats of losing their jobwhile others receive low wages. Additionally, some workers workovertime with the aim of overcoming poverty. Personally, I believethat globalization has already become a part of our life. However, wehave to fix the negative side of it to make our lives better.