Hoover VTS715D21X Washing Machine


Hoover VTS715D21X is a quality laundry machine using very highlyadvanced electronic controls for adjusting the monitor or regulatingthe washing process. The machine, therefore, becomes very efficientand effective for optimum washing results. The specific features ofthe machine are together with a seven kilogram capacity, 1500rpm spinspeed, fast wash time of about 30 minutes as well as an A+ energyrating making it very ideal for domestic washing.

The company offers home delivery services, although under variouscategories. For delivery options, one can receive home delivery sameday of purchase between 7 Am and 7 Pm but in the event that an orderis placed after 8 Pm, and then following day delivery applies. Thecompany relies on short message system to communicate with a clientin order to coordinate delivery process. Besides, an online trackingsystem run by the manufacturer is useful for clients while makinginquiries especially on delivery thereby ensuring the ease ofcommunication between the company and the buyer. The company alsooffers after sales services in the installation of new appliancesduring delivery.

The Hoover VTS715D21X by Currys Company compares closely with a Bosch8 Kg Washing Machine by Currys Company whose features are almostsimilar. The Bosch 8 Kg washing machine has such features as 1200 rpmwith an 8 kg loading capacity and an energy rating of 8+++. Besidescomparing the load capacity and power rating, the two machines havehome delivery options which equally match. Nevertheless, the maindifference notable between the two is on cost where Hoover VTS715D21Xis lowly rated on price at $ 209.97 while the Bosch machine rates at$ 499.99.

The curry website provides the most comprehensive washing productmachine experience within the reach of anybody through an onlinesearch. After a qualitative analysis of the machines on offer, mypreference would be on Hoover VTS715D21X because it has relativelylower cost while providing excellent services due to the hightechnology in use. Besides, the manufacturing company provides quitefavorable terms of delivery and after sales services.

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