How Avery has Changed My Life

HowAvery has Changed My Life

Thebirth of my daughter Avery Elizabeth Wolf has been the most amazingthing that has ever happened in my life. The coming of Avery into mylife has changed my perspective of life and it motivates to becomethe best mother I can be. I can almost remember the journey of how Igot to become a mother like it was yesterday. It was on 2ndOctober of 2008 when my husband, Dan and I went to visit the doctor.We were both nervous, uneasy and you could feel the tension betweenthe two of us as we drove to the hospital. None of us dared to opentheir mouth as were just wished to get over with the doctor’sappointment.

Myhusband and I had already been pregnant twice and suffered amiscarriage on both occasions and the thought of just having anothermiscarriage was looming into the air. Perhaps that explains theawkward silence between the two of us as we could not bear to havethe news of another miscarriage. We walked up to the hospital andwaited for the doctor. I can recall that seconds seemed like minutesand minutes seemed like hours but we were only there for a couple ofminutes before we were called up for our appointment. I can alsoremember we both visited the rest rooms a couple of times and thisjust illustrated how nervous we both were at the moment.

Ourappointment to the doctor was pretty short but this is not the bestpart of the story. To our utmost belief we found out that we werestill pregnant. The sonogram results had revealed that one of ourtwin babies was still alive but one had unfortunately passed on. Atfirst we were both excited about the news but at the same time wewere at loss. The process of carrying a child who is not alivetroubled my thoughts because I felt the same thing might happen to myunborn child.

Aftersometime my husband and I chose to have a positive attitude and evenstarted making some shopping for our unborn child. This was alsosupported by the fact that, on 9thJanuary 2009, we found that, the living of the twin babies was agirl, as we always dreamt of having a baby girl as our first born. Inthe last 37 weeks before her birth, all we did was preparation forher arrival. It took 36 hours of labor before our daughter was born.Avery came into the world on May 16th2009, weighing six pounds and three ounces. Nothing in my life hadever prepared me for this kind of love and joy that I felt after Imade contact with Avery’s beautiful bright blue eyes, yellow skinand her dark hair. I will never forget this day in my life.

Sincethen my life has changed, I am now a mother of a 5 year old daughterwho seems to growing up too fast. It is only just the other day thatI was holding her in my arms. This whole experience of being a motherhas taught be to that one needs to have a positive attitude in life.Life is not always easy and do is being a mother. I learnt how tobecome a loving mother from my aunt, Jill who was a role model to me.My aunt was a great source of inspiration all this time. She made meknow that I still had a chance. She simplified the problem. She keptreminding me that there are millions of women around the world whowish for the slightest sign of a baby and they cannot see it. I knewshe was honest in her remarks. Her story of how she stayed for nineyears in marriage without a child renewed my hope. She emboldened me.I was ready to face any fate because I knew I still had good chanceof being a mother. It is in this regard that, I intend to show thesame kind of love to Avery every single day of her life and I willnever stop becoming the best mother I can ever be.