How Sephora use social media for promotion

HowSephora use social media for promotion

Sephorais French company, which specializes in cosmetics with stores across17 different countries. It is not only the leading pioneer in perfumeand cosmetics outlets across France but also has a big presence incountries around the globe.

Socialmedia has over the years evolved in such an astronomical rate, itstarted off as a medium for day-to-day personal interactions betweenfriends and family but in today’s modern age all that has changed.Companies such as Sephora have a large social media base and havebuilt for themselves a name on many social media platforms over theyears.

Thecreation of social media has made firms market their brand on aglobal scale. Digital campaigns about products in one region haveleaked to other social media platforms that are being used in otherparts of the globe. Sephora is good example of such a company. Thisparticular approach has worked well for some specific brands, thepioneer brands established the early concepts of global marketing andhave managed to keep their products slogans universal all over theglobe since the products appeals to audiences’ feelings.

Sephorahas established for itself a rather impeccable strategy for marketingover social media that has drawn a huge fun base. Its promotionstrategy through social media is broken down as follows Sephora’sobjectives have always been clear and well mapped out, they havealways maintained transparency while using the most straightforwardlanguage as possible in all their customer interactions in order toreduce confusion.

Theother key strategy that Sephora has deployed is by immersing itselfin social media platforms accessible through mobile phones only sincemobiles create the most direct and immediate interaction with clients(The Wall Street journalonline). Sephora is the first company to start using themobile application called snap chat which is available on all smartphones and tablets to market. The beginning of this Sephora beautyproducts market has increased significantly on a marginal scale andhas increased its products exposure since they have also got intoInstagram, which is also a mobile-based application.

Sephorahas gone a step further in creating for itself a mobile applicationin which the application allows customers to shop for what they needin Sephora directly through it and enable user to access coupons andget tips for exceptional beauty looks.

Sephorahas also diversified itself by going a mile further and creatingaccounts that provide promotions on almost all the major popularlyused social media platforms often combining more than one account incontests. Sephora fans are encouraged to add their brand on theirsocial media accounts so as to increase awareness.

Sephorais all about beauty products and it’s only natural that they shouldbe keen on looks and how their band appears in the public’s eyethat’s why they have very attractive content on their website andeven other social media sites which is almost immediately captivatingto consumers who find it almost impossible to turn a blind eye.Sephora has also been successful in combining social media andcustomer service (The WallStreet journal online).

Goodlanguage and communication skills are very vital in marketing skillswhile using social media platforms and Sephorahas not been reluctanton thestrategy thatis deployed professionally in the most courteousway possible in their social media advertisements because consumerslove to be talked to in the most soothing language as possible.


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