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HowWould You Teach It Project (Maritalvs. Martial Conflict)

Themarital aspect in any community is one of the respected socialstatuses. Different of different age groups have differentunderstanding of the social element ‘marital’. However, thewidely accepted understanding of marital is anything relating tomarriage. Or the relationship of a couple that is married. On theother hand, marital conflict is the difference in opinion of thepeople involved. It’s a process of differences between two courtingmembers in a marriage. Different age group of people has differingview of the concept on Maritalvs. Martial Conflict.Each of the target group poses varying challenge to the teaching ofthe concept. However, understanding of the scope in each group wouldbe an effective tool for effective teaching of the concept.

  1. The best way to teach the concept to a Third Grade Student

Athird grade student is a learner at between the age of 8 and 9 yearsold. To such a child, marital concept is the union between mum anddad. In order to teach the concept effectively to this group ofaudience (Third Graders), videos, animated movies, and classroomplays/acting can use. The best and effective medium of teaching thestudents is through verbal communication. Children at this age, havean idea of the concept as the matters between mum and dad.

  • Letting the students give their view on the concept, as this guides the teacher on the best approach to take

  • Reading of stories involving family interactions as well as play acting.

  • Asking of open ended questions about the children’s understanding of marital relationship and marital conflict

  • Let the children decide on what makes each of the spouses good or bad. Who is a bad good or bad mum? Who is a good or bad dad? Let them decide

  • Telling of stories giving both sides of the story (good and bad).

  • At this point, I would let the children decide and make conclusions of their own on movies watched, plays acted or any participated activity.

  • Finally, responding to children questions on the issue.

Teachingof the concept (Maritalvs. Martial Conflict)to the third graders is one of the challenging aspects. However, theconcept is important to them and their development into socialbeings. The concept would make them understanding reasons why afather and a mother aren’t living together, responsibilities ofparents as well as that of the children to their parents. Inaddition, the concept prepares the children who might go through suchcases in their life. This helps them to be psychologically strongwhen such cases happen.

Thechildren at this age view the communicator as the teacher,knowledgeable and have their trust on the teachers teaching. Themedia used to the children will be effective as it will serve theirinterest such as watch a movie, cartoon, play acting. These aremediums that are accessible to them or will access them under theguidance of the teacher. One advantage of the medium used, it makesthe children feel as part of the concept I question.

  1. The best way to teach the (Marital vs. Martial Conflict) concept to parent

Theconcept of Maritalvs. Martial Conflictis one which the parent has either gone through, experienced, or hasseen a close friend experience. In other words, a parent has a deeperidea what this concept entails. The effective medium can be bothverbal and written communication. Before identifying the best way toapproach, let the parent explain his/her understanding of the maritalaspect as well as identify what factors can contribute to martialconflict. Medium, verbal, written and audio visual

  • Letting the parent explain his/her understanding of the concept.

  • Identifying the possible issues to discuss

  • Parents might be undergoing through the issue, and in turn a resource person, like a counselor would recommended

  • Identification of materials to use, movies to watch, either together or alone, books to read, magazines, as well as documentaries from the family courts and family counselors.

  • Using question/answers methods to identify the parents understanding of the concept

Teachingthis concept will have a tremendous effect or impact to the audience.The concept prepares the parent incase such incidence affects him.Additionally, the concept gives the parent an idea of what factorscontributes to the issue, as well as how to navigate through theproblem. The medium used for this audience group is books, videos andus of online material. These resources will be effective as they willbe accessible to the audience. In addition, the medium will help keepin touch with the audience, as well as be effective as thefacilitator.

  1. The best way to teach the concept to a Television Show Worker.

Thebest way to teach the concept of ‘Maritalvs. Martial Conflict’is through the use of the video as this audience is used to video, inaddition, websites. Initially, the concept may be familiar to theaudience, however, may not be that in depth.

  • Start with questions about the audience understanding of the concept

  • Engage the audience actively through watching of videos, and asking questions in between the video sessions

  • Concentrating on the use of evidence about the concept

  • Use of psychologist as a resource material

  • Encouraging any Spirit of Healthy Questioning from the audience

  • Let the audience choose the material to use, either videos or written materials

  • Participation through discussion questions.

Thisconcept isn’t new to the audience however, the initial perceptionof the audience is an essential factor to determine the depth andpoint of approach. As the communicator, my relationship with theaudience would be that of a social worker or family counselor. Thiswill make the audience view me as an expert in the area and with theconcept. The choice of using the video, internet material and reallife scenario would be effective to the audience, as this suits theenvironment. The selected medium will play to my strength as acommunicator, as it will allow me to choose the required material asper the concept being taught.