Human Trafficking


Humantrafficking is the trade and exchange of people from one region toanother as goods of trade for commercial use or sexual exploitation.According toNSVRC (1),human trafficking involves buying and selling people to be used bytheir buyers for forced labor, sexual slavery, or engage incommercial sexual purposes. The practice is a crime against theperson that is being trafficked because it violates the basic rightsof a human being of the victim. Human trafficking is closely relatedto other crimes against humanity as the practice involves violatingcertain rights. According to Barbey (1), the vice involves humansmuggling, illegal transportation, forced labor and sexualtrafficking. Moreover, human trafficking involves child abuse astraffickers are also involved in buying and selling of children.

AccordingtoNSVRC (4),human trafficking is one of the modern global practices thatcontinually and consistently abuse the basic rights of human beings.Just like the slavery of the past century, human traffickingdisregards the humanity of a person and treats people like items oftrade (Free the Slaves, 1). The trafficking of human beings violatesthe right of the person by moving him or her through coercion. Inaddition, it limits the movement of victims by holding them withouttheir consent. In addition human trafficking takes advantage of theweaknesses of the victims based on their gender to exploit them formoney (NSVRC,3).For instance, human traffickers exploit women sexually by forcingthem to engage in commercial sex. Moreover, human trafficking isenforced through torture or threats that leave the victimspsychologically and physically hurt.

Accordingto ILO (1), human trafficking is one of the most persistent and fastrising trade with millions of dollars being traded every year. Whilehuman trafficking involves transportation of people using illegalmeans, it differs significantly from human smuggling. Human smugglingis the transportation of people from one place to another after theirvolunteer request to reach certain destinations using illegal means.For human trafficking, people are trafficked against their will andare forced to engage in activities against their consent (Maddox, 1).This is the characteristic style that saves trade was perpetratedthrough and for the same purposes. This makes human trafficking, apractice that amounts to slavery. The only difference is theenvironment of practice that has been facilitated by modernity.

Humantrafficking is a global problem that threatens human interaction andpromotes abuse of human rights if not checked. Governments should bemore proactive in protecting people from the evils associated withhuman trafficking. This will involve concerted effort ofintergovernmental cooperation since the vice involves the traffickingof people from one country to another (NSVRC,3).Governments should put administrative measures to stop the operationsof local agents that sell people to the international traffickers.Curtailing the supply of people in the countries with poor humanrights record will limit the rate at which human trafficking isgrowing as a trade.

Theefforts of the civil rights groups and international human rightsbodies alone cannot end human trafficking because of the legalassistance needed. Therefore, governments and international legal andlaw enforcement authorities should take a stronger action againsthuman trafficking. In addition, global education on basic humanrights should be increased so as to enlighten people on the evils ofhuman trafficking (NSVRC,2).Moreover, local and international law enforcement authorities shouldwork to free the current and past victims of human trafficking. Thiswill help the fight against the vice by making them agents ofopposing human trafficking.


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