Identify a Change Project


Identifya Change Project

Identifya Change Project

Theimportance of change cannot be understated as far as the growth anddevelopment of a particular entity is concerned. Businesses change inan effort to adapt to the dynamic business world. However, theseamless nature of change is determined by the manner in which it ismanaged or the leadership demonstrated by the management.

Changemanagement underlines a set of tools, processes and mechanismsdesigned to ensure that leaders make changes in the organization. Itrevolves around enhancing the efficiency, controlling andfacilitating the change process (Jooste,2008).Change leadership, on the other hand, involves inspiring change inthe organization through articulating the vision of the future,mobilization of the necessary resources, as well as putting an engineon the entire change process.

Whilethe two terms may have varying implications, they are extremelyfundamental to the success of the change process in an organization.Change management ensures that the process of change stays undercontrol and that everything is done within the budget. In addition,it ensures that the stakeholders buy into the process of change andsupport it (Sperry,2003).On the other hand, the importance of change leadership involves goingbeyond the normal activities. Indeed, the leaders must have perfectknowledge of the business both externally and internally, allowingfor the building of trust, communicating the vision, as well asencouraging innovation that would enhance the occurrence of the same(Rigolosi&ampRigolosi,2005).

Perhapsthe most fundamental changes needed in the organization revolvearound incorporating technology in the provision of services. Indeed,t should be possible for patients and doctors to communicate evenwhen the patient is far away (Gopee&ampGalloway,2009).In addition, patient information should be entered on digitalplatform, with healthcare professionals having the capacity to see itwhen necessary rather than having loads and loads of files. Thepracticum change project, essentially, would revolve around the ERMincorporation in healthcare institutions.


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