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ImprovementIn Health Service


Improvementin Health Service

Theimprovement of a country’s is an essential tool towards theprovision of quality and adequate health services. In the UnitedKingdom, the functioning of National Health Service and thecontribution by NICE has been detrimental in the realization of thehealth services quality and outcomes framework.

  1. Key issues for quality improvement in the NHS quality-improvement program as it goes forward

Thekey issues for quality improvement in the NHS-quality improvementprogram that needs to be changed include the issue of racial andethnic variations. This is one of the aspects that needs to beaddressed in order to make sure that the National Health Systemremain on course to become one of the best in the country. Inaddition, another aspect that needs changing is adoption of theelectronic way of record keeping. Moreover, other key issues forquality improvement in its moving forward plan entails clients’safety, effectiveness, equitability/accountability, as well asbecoming patient centered and timeliness (McLaughlin, Williams &ampJohnson, 2012).

  1. Strengths and weaknesses of the effort to improve the development of QOF indicators

Despitethe implementation of programs to achieve the desired improvements,the efforts enacted have both strengths and weaknesses. One of thestrengths is that, the program has actually improved the quality ofhealth care available and accessible to the public. In addition,patients are receiving improved attention, as a result of improvedservices through effective monitoring. Additionally, the program hasbeen effective is making health services available to the majority inthe country, and collaboration between the NHS, and NICE has beenproductive. However, despite the achievements or the strengths, theprogram has had its shortcomings. One of the key weaknesses of theprogram is the efforts to use financial incentives haven’t not beeneffective to the maximum in the improvement of healthcare outcomes(McLaughlin, Williams &amp Johnson, 2012).


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