Industrial Internet of Things


IndustrialInternet of Things

IndustrialInternet of Things

Thevideo describes how the world is dominated by the internettechnology. The most looked at item in this film is the industrialinternet of things. It focuses on how we can connect product,processes and services in reinventing market and doing business a newway nurturing the power of technology. Industrial business of thingsis a new era of technology with many expectations. It will transformcountries and the available companies and in the process open up anew dawn in the economic growth and competitiveness. Few years ahead,we should expect an intersection of people data and intelligentmachines. The intersection is expected to have different impacts onthe productivity, efficiency and operations of industries all overaround the world.

Accordingto the video, industrial internet of things is being driven in a fastmoving speed with an aim to improve operational efficiency. Intoday’s world, companies are said to have chances of benefitingfrom industrial internet of things (Accenture, 2015). It will bepossible only if they see it as a tool that can be used to findgrowth where opportunities are unexpected. Companies that intend tobenefit from the industrial internet of things have found a betterway of tapping this opportunity. They resort to adding digitalservices and innovations to the goods products and services. It meansthat they will upgrade their business and improve their productswhile enter into their new markets, the digital internet businessmarket.

Thevideo suggests that, in order to be successful, companies are advisedto learn and getting information from other companies that arealready in the internet business market. The technology is seen to bemostly welcomed in the United States of America. Europe is also seento be growing in this technology. The industrial internet of thingscan be said to be a very important tool that will help countries andcompanies expand more business wise.


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