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EliminatingPlastic Bottles in the United States

  1. Introduction to plastics

    1. Description of plastics

    2. Various chemical Composition of plastics

    3. Various uses of plastics in the manufacturing sector

    4. The history of materials used before plastics

    5. Reasons why plastics are used in the manufacturing sector

    6. Consumer Products that are made of plastics

  2. The Evolution of plastic bottles

    1. Evolution of plastic bottles

    2. The use of plastic bottles in manufacturing from the time of invention

    3. Current times when plastic bottles are considered an environmental concern

    4. Reason why plastics bottles are an environmental concern

    5. Description of non bio degradability of plastics and their effect

    6. The various methods that have been invented as alternatives to improve biodegradability in plastics and their short comings.

  1. The plastic concern and in specific, the plastic bottles problem, their disadvantages and the need for their elimination in the United States

  1. Various effects of Plastic bottles on the environment

  1. The extent of plastic Environmental pollution

  2. The High cost associated with the production of plastic bottles

  3. Various harmful effects including associated diseases from the use of plastic bottles on human health

  4. The existing myths about bottled water and Defying the myths that bottled water is safer

  1. The suggested alternatives for using plastic bottles

  1. The major advantages from using reusable bottles

  1. The worlds history of bans on Plastic including the major cities and the ongoing concern to ban plastic bottles

  1. The world’s first ban on plastic bottles, its reception amongst the public and further spread all over the world

  2. The supporters of the use of plastic bottles

  3. The current revolution of eliminating plastic bottles and few major campaigns all over the world including their achievements

  1. Conclusion

  1. Plastics should be eliminated as this is in line with major campaigns against the use of plastics


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