Intelligence and Character

Intelligenceand Character

Asa half American and Indonesian, whom spent most of her years growingup in Indonesia, coming to America was a big decision in my life. Atfirst, my decision to join a college in America was an easy one but Ihad not quite thought it through. I have never thought it would bethis big of challenge. Then all of a sudden towards the end of myfirst year, I felt homesick, my motivation to study was down and thatmade me just hate everything around me. In other words, I just wantedto go back home to Indonesia. Life in America is different than theway it is back at home. In America I had to face everything on myown. From living such a sheltered life in Indonesia, facing all thesenew responsibilities and cultural differences was really tough on an18 year old. I was alone and scared. My scared mind led to me tothink that going back home would be the best thing for me. I wasready to drop everything.

AsI was planning my return home, I sat down and asked my self “Areyou sure this is what you want?”. I had to sit down reevaluateeverything. I had to think this critically. Linda Elder an author oncritical thinking explained that, critical thinkers avoid thinkingsimplistically about complicated issues and strive to appropriatelyconsider the rights and needs of relevant others. This took me a stepback from my decision, and made me reevaluate my choices and theeffects I would cause by coming home. It made me realize how selfishI was to not appreciate this opportunity my parents have worked sohard to give me. This is based on the premise that, majority ofIndonesians did not have the opportunity to study in America, andhere I was with such a noble chance, and this made me seem ungratefulto the opportunity I had at hands.

Dr.Martin Luther King was an influential American leader who has beencredited with the civil rights movement that freed the blackcommunity from injustices from the white community. He completeunderstood the reason of joining the Birmingham march in Alabama asit was the key to liberating them from the injustices suffered by theblack community. This was a clear illustration of how intelligenceshould build character and how character should strengthenintelligence.

Justas Dr. Martin Luther King built his character from going throughtrying times, I knew that my decision to persevere my rough patchwould build my character. It is only cowards who run away fromdifficult and trying times but wise people make opportunities out ofthem. I realized that getting my education in America would be thebest thing I could ever do for myself and my family. Therefore, I hadto look at the big picture and pull myself up in order to make mydreams become a reality. I had to dig deep and for a moment forgetabout my low moments during my stay in America. I had to forget abouttrying to fit in the society and being at home because this couldnever help the situation at hand. I knew that if I could focus on myeducation I would become a better person tomorrow and I could take upnumerous other learning opportunities that come up. I therefore hadto change my attitude and the works of Martin Luther King in theletter to Birmingham helped reinforce the notion about the true goalsof education. That is to stay in school, become intelligent bysetting myself apart while also building my character through tryingtimes.

Mycritical thinking has helped me a lot through this situation, Ibelieved that i have build up and strengthen my character with myintelligent. Now I am much more motivated for my future, I see aclearer path on what I want to do and achieve in life. I also feelstronger as a person because now I know when faced with a problem, Ineed to face it critically instead of trying to run away from it.