Intelligence Article Review


IntelligenceArticle Review

IntelligenceArticle Review

Inthe article, the authors claim that the implementation ofinternational intelligence sharing faces a significant challenge fromthe existence of transnational terrorism. McGill and Gray (2012)claim that the threat of terrorism is one of the main challenges thatindicates the problem of international intelligence sharing. Inaddition, McGill and Gray (2012) claim that international terrorismhas created a stronger need for intelligence sharing because the waris fought through intelligence gathering. To present their claims,the authors have supported their claims with rational thoughts andfacts. For example, the authors have used the invasion of Iraq in2003 as a case to learn about intelligence and fight against terror.To describe the type of enemies presented by terrorism McGill andGray (2012) cites articles and literature by experts on the topic.

Thearticle fits appropriately into my research strategy as a reliablesource of research ideas and information on the importance ofintelligence in the war against terror. The article provides anappropriate secondary source of facts, data and cases to exploreduring my research. More importantly, the article supports me indeveloping an answer about my research question. McGill and Gray(2012) give light to some concerns about the challenges faced ingathering intelligence against global terrorism. This is theinformation that I will need to understand so as to comprehensivelyanswer my research questions.

Thearticle has given me critical insight on the challenges that thefight against terrorism faces in regard to gathering and sharing ofintelligence. Through the article, the authors present factual casesthat opened my mind in regard to the exploration of the researchhypothesis and questions. Therefore, the article is not only a usefulsource, but a reliable source of insight on the challenges facedduring the implementation of international intelligence sharing.


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