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IntelligenceCollection- nonliteral collection

Measurementand signature intelligence (MASINT) is the most important method forstrategic intelligence and tactical intelligence. MASINT helps indetecting, tracking, identifying and describing the distinctiveaspect of a particular target sources. MASINT encompasses radar,acoustic, nuclear, chemical and biological intelligence. This methodof intelligence gathering applies technical expertise to collectprocess and analyze intelligence. MASINT is more precise inclassifying and in the identification of intelligence sources. Unlikeother methods of intelligence gathering, MASINT determines the depthof buried information that is not easily accessible by other methods(US Army, 2004).

MASINTapproaches every aspect of intelligence gathering with a specialfocus in order to measure and identify specific attributes ofgathered intelligence that are not possible through traditionalmethods. The MASINT method of intelligence collection is able todetect things that other sensors cannot and in most cases it is thefirst sensor to recognize critical datum. MASINT sensors can be usedstrategically and tactically and this makes this method useful fortactic intelligence gathering(William, 2003).For instance, in a tactical role a submarine may use acoustic sensorsto get closer to the target or evade a pursuer.

Tacticalintelligence overlaps with MASINT method of intelligence gatheringthese two disciplines of intelligence gathering are complementary intactical intelligence. For instance, both tactical and MASINT methodare used to analyze enemies’ equipment through remote sensors.MASINT is generally known as a non-literal discipline of intelligencegathering that feeds on emissive byproducts to assess distinctiveaspects of the enemy (William,2003).However, MASINT relies on information from other sensors such asradar beams and employs remote sensors that are capable of makingmultiple observations. In this way, MASINT method of intelligence isable to collect vast data without detection from the targetedsources. This makes MASINT an effective non-literal combatintelligence method (USArmy, 2004).


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