Internet and eCommerce Experience


Internetand eCommerce Experience

Internetand eCommerce Experience

Whenmy washing machine got spoiled last week, I embraced all the optionsthat would lead me to a replacement within a week. While I evaluatedseveral options, the internet was the first and most immediatealternatives available to solve the situation. From the experience, Idiscovered that the internet is a resourceful component that wecannot avoid in the modern day life. This is because the internet hasall the solutions of the things we face on a daily basis. However,the solutions are in terms of information, resources, finance anditems, depending on the specific challenges. In the last few days, Irecognized the immense potential that the internet has to influenceour daily processes and functions.

Toaccess the internet, I needed a device or a gadget that is enabled tobrowse the websites in the online platform. This was an easy thingfor me because I have a web-enabled Smartphone. The Smartphone isfast enough and has the needed capacity to browse the internet andopen the web pages well. In addition, the telephone provides thatpowers my phone with network have fast internet connectivity as aleading internet service provider in the country. Most importantly, Ihad enough data bundles in my network line to allow me to browse theinternet fast and for a long time.

Tobuy a good washing machine, I had to carry out a quick research so asto review the prices and the quality of the brands in the market. Thewonderful thing with the internet is that the research was effectiveand efficient compared to the normal window shopping, the people doon the malls and stores. Therefore, I took my Smartphone and carriedout the research by comparing the prices and products in the market.The good thing with the experience was that I was able to fins allthe brands on the internet. These brands were not only on thewebsites owned by the manufactures, but also some review website.

Oneof the most resourceful website that gave me comprehensive yetsummarized information about washing machines was AO.COM. Thiswebsite has listed all the brands of washing machines and theirfunctionalities as well as their prices. The most interestingfunctionality of the website is giving the most popular brands andtheir prices. Furthermore, the website listed the prices and thediscounts that I would get if I ordered a washing machine from them(AO.COM, 2015). Comparing the prices while at this website was soeasy that I immediately determined the top three machines that Icould afford. However, I selected the option to help me choose, wherethe website recommends the best washing machine depending on the sizeof the family.

Whileon the website, I used the multi-tab feature of the browser on myphone to view the features of each brand from the websites of theirspecific manufacturers. This was a way of verifying the featureslisted in the AO.COM website. I finally selected to buy a BekoECOWMB, model 1447LW. This is because it had the highest customerratings compared to all the others on display, and the price wasaffordable. In addition, I called a friend who approved it for me.Combining the best features with lowest delivery, the model was thebest for me and I instantly ordered and paid for it. Two days later,I received the brand new machine, ready for a wash.


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