Interview Questions and Answers

InterviewQuestions and Answers

InterviewQuestions and Answers

Hiringa marketing executive is a difficult task. It cannot be compared tothe hiring process of an engineer or a salesman. When hiring anengineer for example, the college and work exposure of the candidateis applicable to the job at hand (Ozuem,O`Keeffe, &amp Lancaster, 2015). However, when hiring marketers, things are not as direct as they mayappear as marketing as a concept is usually amorphous. According tothe American Marketing Association defines marketing as the activity,set of organizations, and procedures for creating, communicating,delivering as well as exchanging offerings that bear value forclients, customers, shareholders and the entire society (Balamohan,Tech, &amp Gomathi, 2015).This definition is very broad and if used when looking for acandidate as a vice president of marketing may mislead. Thus there isneed to focus on certain values, qualities and attributes ofleadership for this position. The following questions may help infinding a suitable candidate.

Q.How would you contribute if you were appointed to lead our marketingteam?

Iwould first learn everything there is to learn first and then bringthat knowledge back into the marketing team to make it moreeffective.

Ananswer like “I am confident that I’ll be good at marketing, butsuch a job would not be the best exploitation of my talent” maysuggest that the candidate may have difficulties establishingmarketing programs and targets which are critical for the marketingteam. This is a big problem since marketers use more than half theirtime preparing customer-facing deliverables rather than creatingmarketing materials (Griffin,R., &amp Moorhead, 2011).

Q.Tell us about your personal brand?

Iam a person that is result oriented, team builder and team player whoworks towards building a strong corporate brand.

Ananswer that focuses on the individual as a strong brand may not bethe best one for this position, unless you are hiring a celebrity forthat purpose. Recognizing that building a strong corporate brand isnot an easy task in any organization, calls for a candidate who isfocused on the team and not his or her individual brand (Talib,Shah, &amp Hussain, 2014).


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