Introducing Robert and Elizabeth Graham

IntroducingRobert and Elizabeth Graham

Ournext speaker, ladies and gentlemen, is a man who has managed tocreate an asset management company from the ground to the highestechelons in the field. Having began his investment management careerin 1989 at Raymond James Financial Services as a financialconsultant, this gentleman perfectly understands that in instanceswhere clients make any investment, they are essentially investingtheir past and present, as well as the future wellbeing with him, inwhich case he undertakes strategic guidance of clients just as hewould a loved one. Born in Arizona, this gentleman was raised in manyparts of the continental United States, Middle East , Asia andAlaska. Today, he is the president of Riggs Asset Management, acompany that he joined in 1999 as a senior Investment Officer andPrincipal. Currently, this gentleman offers services such asstrategic and life planning, retirement and business planning, aswell as portfolio management for the betterment of their futures.

Mr.Robert Graham is joined by the current Chief Operating Officer atRiggs Asset Management, who offers a support network to the clients,thereby ensuring that their financial wellbeing and health issafeguarded through sharing a wide array of resources includingfinancial organization and education, as well as stewardship andpreservation (Riggs Asset Management 2). This lady has devoted animmense amount of her time to community endeavors and strives toassist women in business. In 2003, this lady co-founded Circe 200, anetworking organization that targets senior executive women inNortheastern Pennsylvania. She was the recipient of the AthenaInternational Award, which was a recognition of her efforts inassisting women in their professional growth. Similarly, she wasrelisted in 2009 as one of “Top25 Women in Business” bythe Northeastern Pennsylvania Business Journal, a publication thathad also listed her as one of “Top20 executives Under 40” in2001 (Riggs Asset Management 7).

Withoutfarther ado, ladies and gentlemen, join me in welcoming Robert HGraham and Elizabeth Graham.


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