Introducing Ruth Corcoran

IntroducingRuth Corcoran

RuthCorcoran is a public relation, event coordination and marketingprofessional with over twenty years of experience in the industry.Ruth attended the Kings, LCCC College where she graduated with amarketing and communication diploma. In addition, Ruth has variousskills in areas of entertainment, public relations, event planning,social networking and marketing. Previously, Ruth has heldhigh-level public relations and marketing positions with nationalbank and at an advertising agency (

Ruthbegan her work at Mellon Bank as a banking teller and later moved tolending, loan review, regional sales assistant, private assetmanagement and marketing. Ruth gained vast experience in banking.Corcoran coordinated and oversaw marketing and public relationactivities at Mellon Bank’s while serving as a regional sales andmarketing director. In her placement at Mellon Bank, Ruth made publicadvertising and represented the Bank as the community relationsrepresentative.

In2000, Ruth established the Corcoran Communication, a marketing andpublic relation firm. The firm currently serves the local, regionaland national clients with various services such as development,entertainment, real estate, food service, accounting and financeamong others. In this firm, Ruth provides full marketing, eventcoordination and public relations services. In addition, Ruth offerscreative services such as marketing campaigns, logo designs,brochures, graphic design, bill boards, direct mail and newslettersamong others. Nationally, the firm serves clients such as Chevy,Ringing Bros, Disney on ice among others. Furthermore, Corcoran hasworked at Big Brothers Big Sisters as a board member(

In2006, Ruth served in the Barre Board of directors and an alumnichair. Other organizations that Ruth has worked in are ScrantonChamber of Commerce, Catholic Youth Center (CYC), Wyoming ValleyChildren’s Association (WVCA). Ruth has also won several accoladessuch as the 2003 award for best fifty women in PA business, the 2002top twenty 40 award, award for the best wine restaurant in 2009 andthe best small business award in 2011.


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