Jidadist approach to women


Jidadistapproach to women

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Inthisarticle,theauthorlooksat thegeneraltopicof thephilosophicalreasoningof Jidadist feminist arguments.Theauthorlooksat thepositionof womenin theRussian societyas wellas in otherMuslim countries.Womenare facingvariouschallengesfin thesocietythat upholdschauvinism.Someof theissuesthat facewomenas highlighted by theauthorincludeunderagemarriages,polygamy,therightto divorce,brideprice,prostitution,womensuffrageandequality(Zuzana, 2013).

Theauthorasksvariousquestionsas reflectedin thearticlea)Whatis theconditionof womenin theRussian societyandotherMuslim countries?b)Whatare someof theproblemsthat womenfacein thiskindof society?c)Whatcan be doneto emancipatewomenfrom their suffrage?

Theauthorcontemplateson thesequestions,andshecomesup with severalanswersto them. First,theconditionof womenin thesocietyreceivesa lotof suppressionfrom thecircumstancesthat presentthemselves everyday.Accordingto theauthor,womenare not in a positionto cope with manychallengesbecausetheylackthecapacity.Shedescribesvariousproblemsthat womenfacein thesocietya resultof their lackof capability.Shequotesproblemslike divorce,lackof equality,prostitution,underagemarriagesandbrideprice(Zuzana, 2013).

Tocounter theseproblems,womenmust haveenoughcapacity.Accordingto theauthor,womencan onlyachievethecapacityto dealwith theseproblemsiftheygetan education.Educationwill markthebenchmark fortheemancipationof women.Through education,theauthorbelievesthattheywill haveprogressiveideasandtheir voicein thesocietywill getheard(Zuzana, 2013)

Inmy topic, I intend to look at the way in which non-governmentalorganizations promote social reforms in Russia. In doing so, thetraditional concepts that held the society together will need anevaluation as well as the failure of past social movements. I intendto contemplate on the following questions

  1. Do the social movements in Russia have the capacity to bring social reform?

  2. What do the organizations have to do to enhance their outcomes?

  3. Are the organizations in a position to enjoy public support?

Thesocial movements in Russia are well placed to gain the full capacityrequired for desirable outcomes. They can borrow a lot from thefailures of past social movements band build on them. To enhancetheir outcomes, they have to address the disintegrated traditions inthe society. The benchmark of their success will be that ability toaddress the problems that directly affect the people. They will thusenjoy the public support because of addressing current issues in thecommunity.


Zuzana,G. (2013). Walking Under a Paranji: The Jadid Approach to Women. TheBirch,11-14.