Kingsley Community Rescue Team

Kingsley Community RescueTeam is aself-sponsored rescue team, which deals with emergency response forvarious incidences. The group was formed in 2000 after a fireincidence, where 250 residents lost their lives and destruction ofproperty worth thousands of dollars. After this incidence, young boysand girls came together and formed a small group that would respondto such disasters. The residents felt that the government did nottake much consideration to the poor, especially those in the demesne.This team constitutes of 40 members who are young men and women whohave dedicated their services to serve the poor community in the cityof Chicago. Its main purpose is to offer rescue services in times ofdisasters, such as fire, floods, earthquakes and many otherincidences.

When the group started so manypeople, especially those young men and ladies who just sat idle inthe demesne frustrated the efforts of the founders by using abusivelanguage to refer to them. After some few months, the team had grownto have 30 individuals, and this encouraged more young people to jointhe rescue team. As many individuals joined the team, manydevelopmental difficulties grew. These difficulties were brought bymany young individuals who were unable to control their anger andalso unable to stop their usual behavior (insolence),which they were used to in the streets. There was the need to solvethis insolence menace and so the founders of the group sought thehelp of elderly men and women of the community, who were able to talkand instill wisdom in the young individuals. A successful solutionwas therefore generated as the individuals ceased the behavior, andsome even opted to be counselors to others.

After a period of 1 year, thegroup formed a committee and elected leaders who they felt would beable to lead them effectively and efficiently. The leaders came upwith a constitution, which dictated the rules and regulations to befollowed by each and every member. Members were also divided intogroups and assigned to regular duties to reduce idleness. Thesemeasures brought huge positive impact to the team, contributing tomore member activity and responsibility, since the young members sawthe impact that the team had on the community and the government atlarge.

The formation of a leadershipstructure brought about an adaptive team because things started beingdone in an orderly manner, and there was a sense of responsibilityfrom the leaders. Leaders adopted an achievement-basedleadership style, where the team as a whole set the targets and goalswhich were to be achieved over a set period of time. This style ofleadership was very much cogent, more so to such a kind of a team dueto the members’ background.

Changes were effective in aspan of six months and proved to be the solution to the earlierexisting challenges. The style of leadership used was able to achievethe set goals and targets such as fast response to disaster,disaster management, street garbage collection, educating thecommunity on the importance of education to children and many otherset goals. The team members moreover, were able to learn key skillsfrom their daily activities on being responsible and different waysof assisting the community.

There was the need for leadersto introduce effective communication channels that would contributeto more cohesiveness amongst the group members. New members signaledto the existing members the value that the group had added to theirlives by expressing gratitude and the desire to fulfill the group’sagenda as stated in the constitution. Leaders also brought about theuse of an emergency response team through the use of platforms suchas Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter, which are the most usedtechnologies in the Smartphone world (Ryan, 2014). These platformswere included in our teams working tools in the year 2012 when theleaders realized it would be a great and emphatic way to respond toemergencies.

Goals, roles, ground rules,and norms help to determine effectiveness by ensuring that all thelaid down plans work in unison (Ryan, 2014). All group members tendto become involved in the activities of the group, and identify waysto come up with all the solutions that the group is facing. Thesecharacteristics really helped KingsleyCommunity Rescue Team tobe more determined to implement all the agendas that our leaders hadlaid down in the group’s constitution.


is the light for the growth of the young individuals in the demesneareas and has proved to be since it was formed.


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