Labor Studies



Q1.Appropriate Bargaining

Inthis case, a single store can be an appropriate unit for bargainingconcerning wages, hours, and benefits policy even though storemanagement has no authority to make an agreement on these issues. Firstly, the community interest in a single unit favors bargaining.There is a natural tendency of employees working in one store toidentify with one another. Hence, a single-location unit is easierfor appropriate bargaining. Indeed, it is easy to come up with abargaining structure in a single and localized bargaining unit. Inaddition, these employees shares common employment interest hence,it can represent the interest of all other employees collectively.Further, Strecker(2011) urges that employers with a decentralized structure considersingle-location bargaining because it gives more range of localreactions to local problems compared to all units combined. Employeesin working on one unit have similar skills, duties, interest, andworking conditions. For this reason, a single unit can persuade theemployer to reconsider changing wages, hours and benefits policies.

Q2.Bond Bakery, Bakers Union, and Acme Supermarket

Inthis scenario, the Baker union has violated section 8 (b) (4) (b). Section 8(b)(4) (B) of the law prohibits secondary act and its threat. Thissection prohibits strikes objects even if they are unlawful and theyare achieved by other means (Strecker,2011).Secondly, it is unlawful under this section to force any person tocease conducting business with other people. It permits unlawfulsecondary activity where it certifies a union as the representativeof the primary employees.For instance, the Bakers Union had noright to persuade the Acme supermarket to stop selling the BondBakery products simply because the bakery employees are on strike. Itwas unlawful for the Baker’s Union to come up with strategies thatwill impede the supermarket business. Secondly, it is unlawful underthis section to force any person cease conducting business with otherpeople. The section also prohibits any unlawful secondary activitywhere it certifies a union as the representative of the primaryemployees. In this case, the Baker’s Union is supporting the Bondbaker’s employees strike hence, it has no right to interfere withAcme supermarket employees. Unfortunately, their actions turned awaythe supermarket customers, as well as induced two deliverymen not tocomplete deliveries to Acme.


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