Leadership Theory and Health Care


LeadershipTheory and Health Care

LeadershipTheory and Health Care

Theimportance of leadership cannot be gainsaid as far as thesustainability and efficacy of a particular entity or institution isconcerned. Indeed leadership is primarily concerned with the matchingof the requirements of an entity with the resources available so asto produce the most efficiently. There have been a myriad ofleadership theories that have been determined as being appropriatefor varied environments.

Whilea large number of nurses and other stakeholders may feel that thetransformational leadership is the most appropriate, situationalleadership is more fitting. In situational leadership, effectiveleaders would acclimatize their style to the situations at hand, inwhich case varying styles would be used in different situations(Huber,2006).The healthcare environment comes as one of the most demanding in thecontemporary human society. Indeed, the environment is characterizedby an element of dynamism where healthcare professionals are facedwith varying situations every day (Porter-O`Grady&ampMalloch, 2013).Essentially, it would be difficult to insinuate that a particulartheory or style is universally appropriate, rather it is requiredthat the leaders be flexible enough to suit the different situations.

However,nursing leadership does not operate in a vacuum rather it must beguided by the existing framework incorporated in the ANA NursingScope &amp Standards of Practice. These rules and regulations allowleaders to come up with clear guidelines regarding their expectationsfor their subordinates (Kelly,2012).On the same note, it determines the boundaries that exist between aleader and the subordinates and the manner in which one should dealwith other subordinate managers. Further, it determines thecommunication skills that would be applicable to particularenvironments and how they are to be used particularly in handlingconflicts between different parties (Kellyet al, 2003).


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