Causeand Effect: Global Warming

Itis believed careless usage of fossil fuels is the root cause ofGlobal warming. People are said be ignorant and that they do notrealize serious effects of their actions. The same people are alsoknown to continue with wasting of resources and pollution of air inspite of all the evidence pointing to the effects as a result of suchbehavior. According to Miller (103), he noted that there are a lot ofthings that people do that triggers Global Warming. People neverrealized that invention of automobile would result to eventualcontribution to leading causes of Global Warming. For decades, peopleglobally have been driving automobiles that emit fossil fuels by useof copal powered electricity and warming their homes with oil ornatural gas. As a result of this, carbon dioxide and other gasses arereleased into the atmosphere and environment. For example, globaltree population has decreased immensely throughout the years due tothe increase in the cutting of trees. In addition, this has alsocontributed to air pollution due to the lack of oxygen convertors(Miller 105).

Secondly,lack of concern from the people to conserve resources will onlyworsen the situation. Miller (109) says that in 2007, scientist allover the world met and claimed that the society is the main cause ofthe Global Warming since the 19940s. In 2007, it was identified thatspread of diseases, hurricanes as a result of warming water, heatwaves, economic consequences, drought probability, and the melting ofpolar ice caps remains the top five most feared effects of GlobalWarming.

Therising levels of the sea at the coast religions will result tomillions of people who live at the coast to lose their habitats.There are also insects that are migrating to more favorable climatescarry diseases with them. It believed that Malaria is still inexistence in some countries especially Africa due to direct cause ofthe Global Warming. Again, with continued rise in ocean temperature,there remains a possible threat of increasing chances of frequent andpowerful hurricanes. It can be remembered that Hurricane Katrinabrought devastation to the city of New Orleans as well as severalother cities and towns throughout the Southern region. With HurricaneKatrina aftermath, there came a lot of economic challenges. A lot ofpeople tried to reconstruct their homes, others attempted to relocateand even attempt to find work or start businesses elsewhere. Miller(111) observed that until now, the people affected by the hurricaneare still struggling to find their feet, since it has been hard tobetter their lives again.

Importantly,the heat waves and droughts that occur due to Global warming appearphenomenal. For instance in the state of Arizona, during monsoonseason, drought has been experienced even though the drought is notas severe as the one in Africa where there is low water availabilityand presence of extreme heat waves. On the other hand, half wayacross the world, sea levels are on the rise as a result of continuedmelting of the polar ice caps. This occurs when the ice caps fromfresh water melt into the oceans, and as a result, salty water isdiluted. From this, Miller (115) explains that salty water dilutionaffects the aquatic and ocean life since it could be impossible forsurvival without homeostatic salt balance of the ocean content.Consequently, there is a big deal when ocean and aquatic life is lostsince increased global temperatures is as a result of the sun, whichcan no longer reflect the top of the icecaps. When the sun reflectsice caps off, it is then projected into space. This is importantsince it helps the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere that inturn keeps the earth cooler (Miller 119).

Inaddition, the rise in sea levels also possesses major concern ourbanized cities at the coast. Majority of the cities at the coastalareas risk submerging in the sea. May island countries, besides,could also lose their existence, and as a result, will be washed awayfrom the Earth’s surface. Rising sea levels damage is very diverse.Roads and buildings that are located close to the water might easilybe flooded and also damaged by tropical storms and hurricanes.Environmental scientists believe that Global Warming increaseshurricane intensity by over 45 percent. As the sea arises, forinstance, beach erosion occurs, and in particular on the steep banks(Miller, 121).

GlobalWarming remains a great threat to flora and fauna. A large populationof species could become extinct. This may be facilitated by theexpanse and increase of the desert. Rising temperature and lowrainfall might add to the frequency and intensity of dusty form,which in turn could affect immensely the quality and fertility ofagricultural land that ultimately could cause adverse effects onproduction of agriculture. All this could have adverse socio-economicimpact (Miller 128).

Inconclusion, evidences reveal that people’s activities and choicesin their daily life and the use of resources and technology isundoubtedly the main causes of global warming. In order to cub thecause and effect of Global Warming, there is need to reduce thenegative effects of these kinds of choices that are made daily. Itdoes not necessary matter how big or small the efforts are, as longas every little bit helps to reverse the potential adverse effects ofGlobal Warming.


Miller,Debra A. Global Warming. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2008. Print.