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Majorsand Occupations

Whengoing through college, students aim at getting jobs they like. Theyselect their college majors according to their likes and passions.The major you pursue in college does not necessarily determine yourcareer (Brennan 2013). It is astonishing to a lot of people whodiscover the flexibility of their college majors. Those who areunsure of their career path after college, they can get professionalguidance from professional career counselors. This essay compares theoccupations of a bank teller and a veterinary assistant.


Banktellers work in banking halls where they generally help clientsdeposit or make withdrawals. There are many other duties that banktellers perform including counting the currency they have received,examining checks to verify the details on them are correct amongothers. They are responsible for ensuring the person receiving thefunds is properly identified using legal documents (DeVol 2013). Themain tools of work include computers, calculators or adding machines.At the end of the day or shift, they have to balance their recordswith what they have in the till. Since their work involves a lot ofcomputations, they are required to have good knowledge ofmathematics. They should be good listeners who pay attention to whatothers are saying until they understand what needs to be done.

Thebank tellers deal with many different people. Therefore, it isimportant for them to have good people skills to enable themcomprehend the reactions of other people and the reason for that.They need to be able to find the best way to help colleagues andcustomers find solutions to any problems they might have (Brennan2013). Therefore, they need to have very good communication skillsthat enhance the way they communicate with others. Most peopleworking as bank tellers have a high school diploma. A college degreeis not a requirement although a degree in math, business or financesimproves the chances of getting employment or promotion. Onceemployed, new employees are trained on the job thus preparing themfor the job ahead. The median annual salary for bank tellers is about$25,000.


Thework of a veterinary assistant involves carrying out research anddevelopment projects. A veterinarian assistant works under a vet andhandles different tasks as assigned. The role played by peopleholding this position is to provide support for the doctors andtechnicians in their daily functions. They are also able to handleadministrative and clerical duties as they arise in the office. Oneneeds to be knowledgeable in various ways of conducting researchusing the methods available today. This may require regularlyupdating one’s skills. Vets can work in laboratories or travel tovarious places in the field where they are able to find new speciesfor study and analysis. In order to conduct their duties effectively,they should be skilled in a number of functions required in theclinic (DeVol 2013). Since they will be talking to people fromvarious backgrounds, they need to be skilled in communication skills.Apart from communicating with the clients, they also need tocommunicate effectively with the other staff in the clinic. Theoccupation requires a good knowledge of mathematics as it involves alot of analysis in the laboratory. The position requires one to havethe Certificate or Associate’s degree. The annual median salary fora veterinary assistant is $23,120.

Inconclusion, a person who wants to work as a bank teller should majorin mathematics while in college. This is necessary as the workinvolves computations and calculations. With the minimumrequirements, other training required for the job is provided by thebank (Brennan 2013). For veterinary assistants, majoring inveterinary technology will equip one with the skills required to takeproper care of animals.


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