ProcessLetter Accompanying “Human Resource” Essay

DearProfessor Cook,

Iapproached the essay “Human Resource” by first explaining clearlywhat HR was all about. First, I wrote the essay with varying tonessince the HR manager, and the department itself, both showed aserious yet determined tone during employee’s requirements posts,healthy conditions, rights, duties, and responsibilities, which isevident in paragraph two of the research paper. Secondly, the tone ofanxiousness and excitement was used in paragraph six since success asan HR practitioner cautions on what kind of a job one has to aim for.

Theresearch paper was approached with Chronological Structure orNarrative style. The paper focuses on all things Human Resource,including the qualification and some questions in regard to it. Thepaper is filled with subtle details and dialogue although it shouldnot be confused with drama or overwrought. As you may have noticed,the paper does not sound like it is rattling off a series of events,but rather it provides subtle details about HR qualifications androle in the company as shown in paragraph seven.

Thepaper also was structured in a way that it introduces a sequence ofinformation that when studied has a flow from one section of theessay to the next, while it makes it natural for transitioning of theinformation from one paragraph to the next. In addition, thestructural style introduces the essay with an introduction on HumanResource qualifications. As it is evident in paragraph five and six,description on the functions, roles, and place of Human Resourcedepartment in the company is made in great detail.

Finally, the essay easily appeals on the reader since each paragraphtransitions and is easily but differently organized: however, it alsorelies on sensory detail created with crispy imagery of an HR career,which leaves the reader with single but a vivid image.

Inconclusion, while instances of revision where expected to be many,the only changes that were made in this essay was the change ofquestions structure. This was done from a paragraphed form tonumbering form, as it is evident in the questions section.